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   Chapter 3 Nightmare

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Snow's p.o.v

I sat down on a rock looking at a boy, what i felt while looking at him was peace, he stood a bit far from me, his back facing me, i really wanted to look at his face, his long black hair fell richly on his back, i slowly stood up and moved closer.

"Hey" i whispered lowly waiting for a response from him, but he was quite.

"Hey, i really don't know where i am right now, i was hoping you knew" i whispered.

"You are with me now, you are safe isn't that all what matters? He answered in a soft voice.

I stood frozen for a minute, i wasn't expecting him to talk back, and what did he mean by his words?

I sighed lowly while looking around not knowing what to do, the place was a bit dark, no stars were in the Sky, only the moon, which shined brightly.

"I don't understand what you mean but all i know is that its pretty late for a boy of your age to be here, the place looks a bit scary" i said while looking at the tree's which were behind us.

The boy turned and faced me, i tried to see his face clearly, sadly i couldn't, all i managed to make out was that, the young boy was in his teen's and nearly my height.

He moved closer and stood in front of me.

"I told you didn't i? You are with me now, you are safe isn't that all what matters? " he asked.

This boy was saying wired things, i was beginning to fear him.

He gently took my hands in his, i instantly calmed down, what was going on? This boy was a stranger i had no idea were i was.

Why was i too comfortable around him?

"Snow, for years you have suffered, you are not only selfless, you are pure and kind, for years all you have done is all for your sister, you don't care if anything happens to you, you could die for people you love, your pure heart made me awaken, i have chosen you as my master, let me take care of you" he said as he went on one kneel.

"I not only vow to love you and protect you, i pledge my loyalty and never ending trust, i will be your shield in times of trouble, your light in the darkest hour, your shoulder to cry on and mostly yours forever" he said lowly, his voice held honest and respect.

I wanted to push him away and yell, he was just a little boy, how could he know about me and crystal? And what did he mean by that? He was just a boy to take care of me! And he was a stranger! I couldn't just smile and say i agree, i was older than him and pledging his love for me like that must be a joke, did someone tell him to do this?

I looked at him

angrily with forming tears.

I was about to pull my hand from his when he tightened his grip.

"Don't fight it snow, let me love you" he whispered lowly.

The tears i held back slowly rolled on my cheeks, the truth i refused to acknowledge came crushing back to me.

I was lonely, very lonely, i wanted to be loved by someone, crystal loved me a lot and i too did, but the only love i yearned for was a man's, i wanted someone who could hold me and tell me it was fine, a man who covered my ears to keep me from the venom tongues of the people that laughed at us, a man whose smile would brightened my day, a man who would touch me and protect me in times of trouble, who would speak for me when i was at lose of words but above all who would never leave me.

I slowly knelt down facing the boy, i swallowed hard.

"I'm just a poor simple girl, I'm useless, i don't know how to return ones feelings and emotion, all these years i have been alone, i know you are young, you probably have some girl who would go for you, i want to reject you but my heart feels at peace with you, i know this might be my conscious bringing me the reality i have longed for deep down in my heart, i know this is not real, if it was i couldn't be dressed in a beautiful red Cheongsam, even if its an illusion i want to be loved, so if you could really accept me as i am, i accept you as you are with all my heart" i said with tears Rolling.

He leaned his forehead on mine and closed his eyes then released a low sigh, i wanted to be with him despite this being wired, i closed my eyes too and relaxed.

I felt warm soft lips press on mine, it felt nice, i was willing to let him do as he pleased with me, i slowly opened my eyes and looked at him, he pulled back and wiped off my tears.

"With this i seal my temporally bond with you, when i get older and stronger, i will seal our bond permanently and make you my wife, just wait for me, and snow never forget me" he said as he stood up and turned.

I looked at him confused as he began to walk away, i stood up quickly and followed him, the quicker i moved the more distance was created between us, i tried to ran, the distance become worse, i stood still in pants watching him from afar, i wanted him back, he made me feel loved, he promised to always be with me.

"Please don't leave me! Please!" I screamed in tears.

"Wait for me?" His voice echoed back, i weakly fell on the ground and sobbed bitterly.

In the end it was just a nightmare

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