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   Chapter 2 Fear

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Snows p.o.v

I made sure crystal was in the house when I decided to take a walk in the forest.

I carefully took the little path that led to the stream, The forest was one of the dangerous place we had in our land, the only safe thing was the path am using...every time I felt sad and lonely I went and sat near the stream, I would feel better every time I did that.

I focused on the road and my steps when I heard a whimper, it was low and weak.

I turned and looked at the side were it came from but saw nothing.

I was about to ignore it, when the whimper grew, I looked around In Fear.

The sound came from the dangerous side of the forest, I wanted to continue walking but there was no way I could do that, what if it was a little injured animal? I slowly turned and followed the whimper.

I walked with caution knowing I could be attacked at any minuet, when the whimper grew nearer I slowed my movements while observing the environment, I saw a small lion cub trying  to stand, its leg was injured and bleeding.

I quickly moved closer but stopped when I heard growls coming from all direction.

I looked at the little cub sadly, I tried touching it, when a lioness jumped in front of me bearing its fangs in anger, soon many lioness appeared, In my land stories of how savage these creatures are were still told, so I did the only thing my mind told me to do.

I ran, ran without knowing were I was going.

The growls were right behind me, I was going out of breath and my movements getting slower.

I saw a big cliff ahead, I forced myself to move quicker as the growls grew near.

I reached  the cliff and started climbing it without looking down.

I climbed as far as I could, when I saw a cave few meters away, I breathed out in relief.

I quickly got in the cave and looked down but saw nothing.

I looked behind and only saw darkness, I pushed my body close to the wall and hugged myself sadly.

I couldn't stop the tears falling from my eyes.

I was lost, it would take a week for anyone to even start trying to look for me, crystal was a fragile girl she wouldn't survive the forest, that's why mama made me promise to take care of her, she would try getting help but no one would dare help a poor, unimportant girl.

I was crying for myself, this was my death, if this cave was owned by a deadly creature it wouldn't hesitate to kill me.

I looked up and noticed the sun was setting, I must have Run for hours.

My bare feet were sore and bruis

ed badly.

I looked at my outfit sadly.

Crystal and I only had four Attire's and two  pare of sandals each, Many called us sluts because of our dressing.

My dress was way reveling, it only covered my breast exposing my stomach and the cloth that wrapped on my lower waist was nicely tied and short.

Many woman of our land were richly dressed and mostly covered.

Only prostitutes exposed most of their skin.

The clothes we had was what I and crystal could afford.

At home I made sure to get a job, I worked for the rich women who were lazy to run there own errands, I did it for them, and by the end of the day I would receive two silver coins that would provide us with at least a loaf of bread and milk, Crystal stayed home taking care of the house, many times she tried looking for work, men harassed her.

I too was harassed at times, but I paid no mind to their harassment, all I cared about was feeding us and keeping us safe, until now all I care about is taking care of crystal.

My sobs grew when I thought of how crystal would struggle to survive on her own if I was to die today.

I would rather marry duke Edward than watch my sister suffer.

I heard a crack sound at the far end of the cave, I ignored it and continued sobbing.

If this was my last night and day, I would, and will cry for all the times I acted strong when I was hurt, I will cry for missing mother.

I slowly lay down, feeling the coldness of the floor and weather, my mind drifted to my mother's death.

{Flash back}

"Mama wake up!! You are scaring me"

I shook  her on her bad as tears streamed down my cheeks.

"Mama please"

I looked at her pale face, her eyes were shut, her lips purple, her skin cold.

I got up and ran out screaming.

"Help me please! mother isn't waking up!" I ran to the market place.

The people looked at me like I was crazy.

"Ignore her, she's obviously too poor, that's how she makes a living, by laying so people could pity her and give her some money" a rich woman said.

"I will help you young girl"

I looked at the fat man and nodded.

"Show me the way, and please call me duke Edward"

I looked at him gratefully and pointed the way.

{End of flash back}

I dozed of feeling empty when a strong crack sounded, I ignored the sound and calmed my breathing, I heard footsteps then shortly felt something warm cover my shoulders, it rubbed against me and purred.

I wanted to open my eyes but failed, as sleep consumed me.

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