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   Chapter 47 forty-seven

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Updated: 2020-03-23 21:14

Matthias POV

"Hold my hand, please, " Josie said to me, our breath, in fear.

''Baby, it's okay, I'm right here just breathe with me, '' I responded. ''Breathe, '' I whispered.

''Is it okay if I grab some water? Or?'' Zach implied.

''No, '' I shot back. ''I think she's fine.''

''Sorry, I was just wanted to help.''

''Well, she doesn't need it, '' I snapped back.

''Matthias, '' Josie chided. ''Stop, now, '' She widens her eyes, giving me that look that I need to stop this nonsense and just make amends with Zach already.

''I'm sorry.''

Josie lets go of my hand which made my brows furrowed. I didn't mean to upset Josie but it was already too late. She sat on the bed, inhaling and exhaling slowly then close her eyes.

''I'll leave you to rest, I'll be outside. Okay?'' I kissed her forehead and left the room as Zach came behind me in the hallways.

''Wait, Matthias, wait, '' he said to me.

''What do you want?'' I turned around to him.

''Let's hash this out right now.''


''Matthias, I've been planning to leave for a while now, and I think it's time for me to move on.''

''Fine. But it doesn't make any sense, you were out of character and now all of a sudden you want to leave.''

''It's best f

a bit closer to me.

''You did it, baby, you did it, I'm so proud of you, '' I whispered to her, kissing on her forehead.

She looks up to me and massaged my face in a circular motion. Water streamed down to my nose and onto her thumb; she stifles a laugh. ''Baby you're crying, '' she said to me.

''Yeah, I'm just happy.''

''Matthias, we're done with the measurements and testing, would you like to hold your, baby?''

I looked at Josie and she nods, permitting me to do so.

He feels so light, looks so perfect and smells so divine. His little face glowed from a light within, and his miniature fingers grasped mine and held tight.

I chuckled.

''Hey, '' I whispered. ''Elijah, you look like mommy.'' I laughed softly and sniffed, preventing the tears from falling from my face again.

''It's me. I'm your dad.''

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