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   Chapter 34 thirty-four

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Updated: 2020-01-27 23:41

Josie POV

A few days later...

The elevator doors opened and I stepped inside. Everything was new and shiny like the elevator was fresh off the production line.

I came back to the suite and started to undress from working out at the gym. Just thinking about last night made heat fly back to my cheeks. I squeezed my eyes shut and willed away the memory of him.

''What are you smiling about?'' Matthias's voiced echoed and I jumped in fear. He was standing there with his hands crossed, smirking at me. He had on a navy blue suit with a light pink tie.

He laughed.

''Jesus, you scared me, '' I said.

''Sorry, couldn't help but to look at you, it looks like you were day-dreaming.''

''No... I wasn't.''

''Mmm, sure about that?''


''You okay?'' He grins.

''I'm f-fine.''

He chuckled, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Let me help you, '' he said, stripping down my shirt for me and unhooking my bra.

''I thought you were with Khalid and Galen, " I asked while he takes off his suit. I grabbed the towel wrapping it around me and took off my pants quickly.

''Had some urgent meeting with Zach skyping him online to talk with some men about a new company and all. Same old shit, it just never satisfied me.''

''Or maybe you're just picky.''

He laughs. ''Yeah, maybe I am.'

I watched his Adam's apple bob like he was swa

ng at you, I'd never picture it. Were you one of those that cooked with your mom growing up?"

He snorted. "Hardly. We had a cook, which freed up mother to drink her three square meals more often than not."


"Hey." He tipped my chin up. "No feeling bad over the poor little rich kid with the present-but-still-absent parents, '' he winked, which eventually made me smirk a bit.

''You know you never talk much about your parents.''

''You'd never ask.''

''Well, I mean you snapped at my ex about it so I never wanted to give you that pressure to talk about it.''

He sighed.

And something in his silence made me study his face closely. "Honey? Are you okay?"

''Yeah, it's just... I never talked about them in a while.''

''It's okay, if you don't want to, I understand if it makes you uncomfortable then we don't have to. Whenever you're ready?''

He nods. ''Yeah, whenever I'm ready.''

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