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   Chapter 33 thirty-three

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Matthias POV

The next morning, I finished my shower and then reached outside the fabric curtain, searching for my towel. I groped around for several moments, before popping my head out to locate the elusive towel.

I tiptoed out of the shower enclosure, dripping wet, to the bedroom. I took a deep breath, trying not to let panic set in.

Don't overthink Matthias, she's here, she's safe with you.

I took out my black gym shorts with my basic red tee and placed it on myself. Josie moved around from the side, knocked out from the sleep.

Struggling to maintain my cool, I eased toward the bed. My eyes devoured her milky skin like I was savoring the best bowl of chocolate ice cream.

I sighed and walked out of the room to grab some breakfast for both of us. I walked into the serving room at the hotel. Everywhere I looked there were stacks of food. One section as a continental breakfast, the other a traditional English breakfast, I didn't know where it starts first.

''Monsieur, how may I help you today?'' a middle-aged man said to me. I could tell he was the server here based on the uniform he was wearing.

''A to-go box? Two please with the special.''

''Of course, give me five minutes and I'll come back to you.''

''Thanks, '' I said to you.

Within five minutes, he came back with a to-go box and plastic utensils. ''Here you go, anything else you need?'' He asked.

''No, '' I reply giving him some cash for the breakfast ''Have a nice day.''

Back to the suite, I placed my breakfast on the counter and took the other box in my hand to Josie. I poured down some orange juice in a cup and placed them beside where she was.

She sighed roughly, coming out of her sleep and curled up slowly searching her eyes at mine.

''Morning, '' I whispered to her with a soft smile. I sat on the edge of the bed and slowly interlocked my hands with hers. ''How are you feeling?''

''I don't know, I can't remember.''

''What is the last thing you remembered?''

She blinked, then silently pulled herself to her feet.

''Going to the bar because I thought you needed some space from what happened. I was taking so many shots, I don't know how many, next thing I know I felt dizzy and my face was down on the table.''

She gave me a long, quiet look, showing the

ut of line. I can't take it back from what I said. But, I just wanted you to hear that."

I grinned. My heart was heavy.

''You're right. It's going to take some time because I still love you.''

Her widens with happiness. She was in awe; no words came out.

''You love me?'' She said in a whispered.

''Yeah, I still do. It's like you're a magnet or something, I still feel attached to you because I truly do care and love you. This isn't going to be easy for us since we're married but I don't want to give up.''

''I didn't think in a million years you'd say that I really thought you were done.''

''Me too. But, I can't.''

She took a sigh and I leaned a bit closer, taking a quick glimpse of her.

"If we're going to do this, we have to do it the right way. The last thing I want is having to walk out of your life with no hesitation whatsoever. I can't see myself with anyone else but you, and I don't plan on doing it."

"Yeah I agree, " she responds, her voice cracking with watery eyes.

Still catching my breath, I felt so open. So exposed to her that I took it a step further. My hands were on the side of her cheeks and I slid them upwards towards her hair. She sighed and leans her head on mine.

My lips compressed on her forehead while I traveled my hands down on her hips.

At the edge of the cloud, there was a brilliant white patch, like a turning page catching the sun. The rest was dove grey with a subtle hint of purple, just enough to announce the coming sunset.

''Let's go, '' I said.

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