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   Chapter 32 thirty-two

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Updated: 2020-01-27 23:39

Matthias POV

"I'm sorry that I was stupid enough to fall in love with you"

Those words slipped out of my mouth when I snapped at Josie. Did I mean to say that?

Of course not. Not at all.

I care about her, like a lot.

I do love Josie.

I've been planning on telling her after the wedding, but somehow it slipped out when we were arguing about Destiny's little scam.

No, I didn't sleep with her and yes I know it was harsh for me to put Josie in her place. She didn't want to believe me that I was telling her the truth. She cut me off and didn't want to let me explain what's going on and how can we solve this.

Instead, she denied everything which hurt me the most. This whole time I've been proving Josie that I'm willing to change for her and only her.

But, I guess it didn't work; it's painful to know that you can try to give your all to someone you love and it's still not good enough.

Two chestnut eyes melted like Hershey's she swept her gaze over me unabashedly.

Damn me for finding Josie this attractive.

I'd only gotten as far as her collarbone before she'd ended my visual journey. Her voice was soft. As soft as I knew her skin would be when I touched it.

"Eyes up here buddy."

'When', not the 'if', that blazed in her eyes.

"What did you say?" I cocked my head to the side. I was intrigued, not deaf. I'd heard what Khalid said, but I wondered if he had the guts to say it again.

If only she knew that the more I saw of her lips, the more I craved them. I fought the urge to reach out, sweep my thumb across that lip.

Damn it Matthias get it together! Stop thinking about Josie for a minute!




"Boss!" Galen barked at me and I shot my eyes open.

"Yeah?" I jolted, realizing that I was daydreaming about Josie.


"Now it's not the time to be in Lala Land. We need to discuss this, the alleged leaked video, " he said to me, trying to make me snap out of my dream world.

"Oh, right."

''Hi, Matthias, '' a group of blonde and brunette women passed by me giggling and smiled flirtatiously.

''Ladies, '' I smiled back as Khalid and Galen cleared their throats together an

what she wanted. My dick, " he smirked.

I threw his body weight behind the fist that edged closer to his face, it hit his jaw with such force blood pooled into my mouth. I continued this battering until he fell to the floor. His chest gently rose and sank with each shallow breath he drew in.

He groaned and said ''pitiè de Moi [mercy on me], continuing to groan which led to a cry.

With heavy breaths I replied ''Stay the fuck away from my wife.''

''Monsieur Lekas, are you alright?!'' Some random guy said to me. I shook my head yes while everyone was staring at me, confused and trying to figure out what was going on.

Kneeling, I went to Josie and swept her feet from the ground. I walked down the steps and went over to the limousine that drove me here outside. I heard the whispers and confusion from everyone while I was near the limousine, having Josie wrapped around my arms.

This is so embarrassing, fuck.

''Where to Monsieur?'' The driver said.

''Hotel, please.''

Josie groans again and I immediately targeted my eyes at her.

''Matthias?'' Josie said my name in a whisper.

''Shh, '' I hushed her, taking away the extra string of hairs away from her face, running my hands around her chin softly. ''I'm here love, go to sleep.''


I felt an urge to do something, to comfort her, but also myself. In a moment I pressed my lips against her forehead.

''Go to sleep baby, I'm still here.''

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