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   Chapter 128 Daniel's efforts

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6906

Updated: 2020-03-17 08:11

'Ohh... dearest God!' I muttered silently.

"I promise, not just in every valentines day but also on your birthday, every Christmas, new year, anniversaries and on all occasions of our lives...I promise to be there."

And then the world stopped at the same time that my heart stopped beating. I bit my lip as his head bends slowly to capture my lips but he released it through his teeth.

"I love you." He whispered before finally emptying the space between us. And I gladly return his kiss with the same passion that he's giving in to it.

But before we could lose ourselves and forget that we're not the only people in the house, we heard the sound of a bell. We immediately ended the kiss and looked around to find where that sound came from, only to be surprised at the next thing that would happen.

Everyone spread out and headed in a direction I don't know where it leads. I was about to take a step when I felt that someone grabbed my hand and I was stunned that I no longer saw my husband, instead, my brother, my mom, Rian, Craig and Bryan had remained there and all with a smile.

"What is going on here? Where is Daniel?" I asked them, my voice held confusion. Most of the guests left and my eyes followed where they were heading. "Why does everyone go there?" I turned to them when nobody answered my question.

"Come on, baby, you'll find it later. For now, you should change your dress because you don't want your husband to wait for you so long."

"Wait! W-What do you mean, Mom?" I'm sure even the best painter couldn't paint the frown on my forehead.

Steven and Aira both gave me a warm smile, but Bryan smirked at me. What the hell!

"Mom, we're just going to wait for you outside." That's Steven.

"Okay, son. We will be there in less than thirty minutes. Tell everyone to be patient, my boy."

"Sure, Mom."

"Oh, my God---"

"Let's go, Sis!" Rian interrupted me by taking my hand. "We'll explain it to you later, but you have to go upstairs to change your dress! Hurry up!" I was breathless when she started to pull me tow

lipstick in front of me and without words, she applied it on my lips.

"Alright, I think it's time to reveal another secret. Do you remember the time you ran away from him and flew to Italy?"

"I didn't run away from him! I just had to go back to Italy for my dad."

"Okay, as you say so. He called me that time before following you. He asked me about things that could possibly make you happy. He told me how much he loves you and how desperate he was to take you back. Actually, he was so afraid that you might not come back to him after what happened, so he had to leave his plans from Friday to Sunday just to fly to Italy and see you. He even talked to your Mom about his plans for the two of you---"

"Wait! You mean these past few months he's been flying to Italy every weekend?" My eyes widened like saucers when she nodded and I turned to my Mom. "So, does this means you're talking to him when we were in Italy?"

"Yes, baby. He always talked to me and asked me about you, how you cope up with your father's death, about the De Luca and if by chance you mentioned his name or anything about him. He wanted to talk to you but he was afraid that when you see him, you may reject him and push him away again. So he just settled by looking at you from afar as long as he knows you're okay."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because he asked me not to tell you."

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