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   Chapter 127 Special surprise

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6868

Updated: 2020-03-17 08:07

My mouth left open in mid-air while my eyes moved from him to Daniel and back to him.

"And you didn't tell me."

"Because that's what the word 'secret' means. If I told you about it before, then it wouldn't be a secret anymore."

"Wow! Nice!"

Everyone laughed at my reaction. I really love Craig... as in... really.

Rian was also smiling awkwardly when I turned to her.

"So... your friend's surprise engagement, huh?"

"Yup. I told you it's a surprise. Surprise!" And she really screamed the last word with her hands in the air.

I just shake my head and return her smile when she hugs me.

"Ahh... Sis, blame the man behind you. He's the boss and the real mastermind behind all this."

I couldn't help laughing when I heard Daniel's carefree laughter behind me. It made me silently scream in excitement and jump in such joy at that moment.

And when everyone returned to their position and back to the previous conversation, knots started to form inside my stomach.

"I have a very special surprise for you, sweetheart, but first I want you to listen to me, okay?"

"O-Okay." I nodded confused.

He pulled me to the sitting area and sat me down while taking something behind the sofa... a microphone stand and a guitar.

"Hey, what's that for? What are you doing?"

"Shhh... just sit down."

He motioned me to stay seated before pulling on the guitar string.

"I am a fan of music and I really wanted to learn how to use musical instruments like guitar, but I think it takes a talented person like you and Rian to memorize the notes and everything related in just a short period of time. But there I tried so, please have patience with your husband as this is my first time doing it."

The crease in my forehead slowly fades and is replaced by a light chuckle when I heard his mom's voice as she spoke to his dad a few inches behind my back.

"Oh, my God! I didn't know our son could sing, honey."

"Don't worry, honey, I don't know it either. It's also the first time I've seen him holding a guitar and a microph

d automatically covered my mouth when he opened it and a yellow gold heart design diamond ring shone not only in my eyes but for everyone who watches us.

"Sweetheart, will you allow me to be your date on every valentines day every year? Will you allow me to be your partner, your lover and your husband every day to forever? Sophia Yzabelle Del Mundo, will you marry me again? This time is for real... will you be my wife---hpp!"

Guess what?

He didn't get a chance or I should I say I didn't give a chance to finish what he was saying as I grabbed him by the collar and kissed him deeply in front of everyone. Do you want to know why I did it? Haisst! It's because he's taking too long to ask me. He didn't know how much I wanted to pull him and kiss him deeply since he knelt in front of me.

"Yes, I will marry you, Mr. Kelley!" I said grinning widely.

"Ohh... why didn't you let me finish my question?"

"Because you're taking so long to ask me the final question!" Loud chuckles rang all over the venue. I smiled, cupping his left cheek. "I love you too, Daniel Kelley and I will marry you, but just make sure to keep your promise, that you will be my date every valentines day!"

He took my hand, showing me his most handsome smile that almost took my breath away...then he slid the ring on my finger.

'Ohh... dearest God!' I muttered silently.

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