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   Chapter 123 Mega-Mansion

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6695

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It's five past six when we arrive at our destination.

Entering the huge black gate with six armed men who opened the gate for us, I thought I would finally be able to see the mega-mansion that Rian had stated earlier...but to my dismay, huge and tall trees came first to my eyes.

The guards said that we still have to drive at least two minutes to get to the venue, which I remembered that Rian also said earlier that it was in the middle of 100, 000 square meters. Whoa! That's too big! Her friend is truly rich... well, based on her story and of course on the evidence flaunting around us.

The sun had finally set and the darkness spread around the area if not for the lights flickering on the branches of trees that can be seen on the side of the road. Different types of flowering plants have also added color to the green surroundings which makes it magnificent to my naked eyes.

But my attention caught by the specific flower in different colors which also happened to be my favorite... tulips. I opened the window and a smile spread on my lips as their scents filled my nostrils.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself walking on that road every morning to pick one of those flowers, pink, white, yellow, orange and of course, purple and stuck it on my ear... or maybe cut many of them to bring them to 'our' room.

A few moments later...

"We're here, Sis."

"Huh?" My eyes snapped open when I felt a light tap on my arm.

"We're here." She repeats and then Ben opened the side of my door.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped out was the number of cars... mostly expensive cars parked in a wide-open space in front of us, second was the huge fountain in the middle with dancing lights around purple? I believe that her friend's fiancee really loves purple too.

"Wow..." I breathe in awe and containing my mouth from opening, but not anymore when we pass the fountain area as all the lights turned off and when they returned, I couldn't help the loud

re now making me blind and I don't know where to look first, so I grabbed Rian's arm.

"Sis, relax and don't worry because they were highly paid for taking pictures but not for having an interview with any of the guests."

"Really? Is that even possible? I mean, they were media personnel and it's their job to scope an article especially in----"

"Come on, don't mind them. Just wear your smile and let's enjoy this party, okay?"

"Alright." I sighed. Do I have a choice?

Looking ahead of me, I almost felt dizzy. Well, it's not because of the number of guests gathering inside... which I already expected... but how huge and luxurious the living room was. I'm sure everything in this living room is expensive... from the furniture to the silver decorations that made it interesting by adding tidbits of purple, lighting fixtures and a large painting hanging on the left side of the room in which it added glam to the space.

But I couldn't help frowning as I noticed that every piece of decoration I saw was quite familiar. The furniture, the large sputnik chandelier and the painting. I simply glanced back on it.

Who would have thought that the owner of this mansion also loved abstract paintings?

I am about to open my mouth when I felt Rian's hand tug on my arm. But she just smiled at me when I looked at her.

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