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   Chapter 116 Confused

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7514

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"Hey, you have a package from your secret admirer."

I looked up to see Craig holding a bouquet of purple tulips. I don't have to ask where those flowers come from----

"It comes from TM." He added that caused me to roll my eyes.

Yeah...until now 'my secret admirer' named TM hasn't stopped sending me flowers. Craig said that this person only stopped when I went to Italy, but continued to send flowers again when I returned. Although sometimes I wish it was Daniel, but I just shake them off as I know he's not into that kind of things.

"And who else would it be?"

"Hmm...what if it comes from your husband?"

I sighed. "Daniel never sent me flowers."

That caught his attention and he stopped what he's doing.

"He didn't give you even a single stem of red rose or your favorite purple tulip?"

I shake my head.

"How about the three magic words?"

I shook my head again. He dropped the bouquet on the table and sat down in front of my desk.

"It's been three weeks since you started living with him and until now you haven't heard him say those words?"

"No." I took a long, heavy breath.

"Have you ready asked him about it?"

"Yes, I did, but his response was kinda shocked me."

I know what I said brought confusion into his head as he creased his forehead and looked at me straight in the eye.

"Wait, I don't understand. Can you clarify your statement?"

"Well, we had a short conversation before he went to work this morning and I asked him about this, but he said he can't..."

"He can't... he can't what?"

"He can't repeat those words again. He couldn't tell me the exact words anymore, and when I tried to ask him to explain, he suddenly got in a hurry and told me he still has an important meeting in the office."

"What the hell! Have you tried to confront him in his office?"

"No, I can't. I suddenly felt week and exhausted after hearing what he said." I chuckled sarcastically while shaking my head. "How about those nights, Craig? How about those times that he almost shouted in front of everyone that I am his wife, those sweet gestures, those hugs and those kisses, forgodsake! And the last few weeks we have been together? What are those? I'm so confused, argh!"  I closed my eyes ti

, thanks, Nanay Emily but I'll be fine."

"Okay, just call me when you need me."

I just nodded and my eyes followed her until she disappeared from the kitchen. This is what I love most about Nanay Emily. Not only is she our second mother at home, but she knows when to ask and respect our privacy. She will wait until we're ready to tell her our story. She doesn't judge any of us, instead, she understands and gives us space to solve our own problems. But you can count on her when you need a shoulder to cry on.

I started making my husband's favorite dish with one thing playing inside my head...'We need to talk'. I took almost 30 minutes cooking the dish, but it's worth it as I get the exact taste.

I did my makeup again and added mascara to highlight my thick eyebrows. I also sprayed my favorite cologne before calling Ben to help me bring some of the food container to Daniel's office down the next floor.

"How do I look?" I peeked at Ben before I could stop myself.

"You look... uhmm... nice?" He answered more of a question.

"You look cute on your makeup, Maam Sophia." The other guard replied.

I just mentally slapped my forehead. "Well, what I mean is... do I look nervous?"

What the hell! They all looked at me from head to toe and then answered at the same time.

"Why would you feel nervous?"

"Damn! Never mind. Forget what I asked for." I said facing the stainless elevator door in front of me.

Tsk.tsk. Who the hell gave me the idea of asking them?

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