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   Chapter 115 The things he does to me!

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7686

Updated: 2020-01-16 16:20

After taking my things to the penthouse, we went straight to the mall and entered in a furniture shop which made me confused.

"Are you thinking of changing your furniture?" I couldn't help wondering when we headed to the living room set of furniture.

Our hands were entwined and fingers were locked together as he pointed to the cream L-shaped sofa.

He didn't answer my question, instead, he asked me again as if he hadn't heard me ask at all.

"What do you think of that L-shaped sofa, sweetheart?"

"Uhm... that's nice." I replied nodding and looked back at the seater that he is pointing at.

"If I would build a house for you or buy you instead, how would you like the interior to be?"

Although I felt strange with his question, I still answered it with the color I want for my dream house.

"Purple." I answered then I shrugged.

"That's what I thought." He muttered lowly before giving me a light chuckle.

"Why? You know that's my favorite."

"I know, sweetheart." He chuckled again. He even kissed my knuckles, the one he held in his hand. "Come on, help me choose the best furniture."

"Wait! Are you going to change those in your penthouse?"

"Our penthouse, Sophia. It's our penthouse not just mine."

"Fine, our penthouse, but are you going to buy them for the penthouse?"

"Excuse me, Sir, can you show us your showroom for the dining tables?" But I frowned when he asked the sales representative who was assisting us instead of answering my question first.

What the hell? Why does he always ignore my question? I sighed inwardly as they discussed about the showroom and a few minutes later, I found my feet walking behind the sales representative while my hand was still entangled with my husband.

He let me choose or rather say he let me decide what types of furniture and other stuff I would like for the whole house, even for the small details such as paintings, wall decorations and color of the curtains.


After spending almost three hours in the furniture shop, he pulled me towards the women's boutique despite my protest and had completely forgotten my question earlier.

"Wait! What are we doing here?" I whispered tugging the side of his jacket.

"What else? We'll buy you lots of clothes, sweetheart.

e, under my hair.

"Oh, don't mind them. They can wait even forever and I don't care." He whispered smiling and intentionally breathed near my ear.

"Well, I'm sorry but I do, so you better go out before they can make such nasty ideas in their heads."

"Let them think what they want." He shrugged.

"Daniel Kelley! I swear I won't try any dress if you don't go out!" I glared at him.

"Alright, I'm going out but on one condition." and his signature smirk curled into his lips. "You will do the job tonight."

"What do you mean I'll do the job tonight----what he hell!" I couldn't help but screamed as I realized what he meant."

He just laughed at my hilarious reaction. I don't know what's going on in his mind, I mean, I don't mind doing anything he wants me to do tonight, but since we are not in our private place, it's embarrassing how someone could hear us talking about stuff like that outside.

"Oh, you're hesitating... then I won't leave. I will watch you undress and change in front of me---"

"Fine! I'll do whatever you say just get out, okay?"

He didn't respond, but the atmosphere inside the little cubicle suddenly heated up. His intense gaze made me shivers that immediately ran through my spine.

"I can't wait for tonight, sweetheart."

He stroked my face and kissed me intensely before he left me astounded inside, with a racing heartbeat like I had just came from a marathon.

"Whew! The things he does to me!" I breathed loudly as I touched my chest to calm my heart from hammering.

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