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   Chapter 112 Hilarious mouth

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7164

Updated: 2019-12-27 21:15

"That's impossible!"

"Then don't believe me if you don't want to. Anyway, shouldn't I be asking you your first question? Why did you leave the penthouse?"

His eyes softened as he sighed. He also knelt in front of me and held both my hands.

"I got an emergency call, sweetheart, and I had to go there."

"Don't you have an assistant? You have Denise and Andrew, right?"

"Yes, but I want to personally check what happened."

"Hmm..." I just nodded, although disappointment still knocks on the back of my head. "You haven't answered my question, what brought you here?"

But he said nothing, he just stared at me.

"Okay, you can leave now. I still have to finish my work---

"No, fix your things and we're going out!" He stood up and put his hands in his pockets.

"No! I will stay and finish my papers. You can go if you want."

I heard him breathe harshly and the next thing he did really surprised me. He saved the reports on the screen and closed my computer, then took all my personal things on the table and shoved them inside my bag.

My mouth was hanging in mid-air as I watched him doing it. He also arranged the books and folders in front of me, took my jacket and my car keys from the drawer.

"Wear this." He didn't even wait for me to say something as he put my jacket on my shoulders. "Come on, I already have a reservation in a restaurant---"

"Wait! I said I won't go with you!" I tried to pull my hand, but he only tightened his grip. "Daniel....ahh! Oh, my God, put me down! What are you doing?"

"You can always tell me if you don't want to walk, sweetheart and I'll carry you." And he started walking towards the door with me hanging on his shoulder.

-'What is wrong with this man as he loved to carry me on his shoulder, forgodsake!'-

"Fine! I'm going with you, just put me down!" I said gritting my teeth.

"No! You better stay there." And he slapped my butt like he did yesterday when he carried me to the penthouse.

"Ouch! Why are you always slapping me? Are you a member of BDSM?" I asked unconsciously, and it's too late for me to take it back as he gave me a humorous laugh that

e going home!"

-'oh, shit! I forgot that his penthouse is located on the top floor of his office room.'-

"I - I thought you booked a reservation in a restaurant?"

"I will just call Andrew to cancel it."

"Won't you take me to my apartment?"

"No, I said we're going so, so that means not in your apartment. And starting tonight, whether you like it or not you will live with me. We will sleep in one room and in one bed. We will eat together and sleep together."

-'ohh... sounds good!'-

"So does that mean....?"

"Yes. If you're thinking what all couples do at night, well, don't worry because we won't do it only at night but every time we have a chance, in our room...(I gasped in shock)... in the shower, in the living room, in the kitchen, even on the kitchen counter or over the table."

"Oh, my God! Are you thinking of making me your sex slave?"

Sometimes I wonder if I really own this mouth as I unconsciously blurted out some things without even thinking.

He chuckled at me.

"No, sweetheart, if you only knew that I am your slave and not the other way around because I am willing to do whatever you say."

The air conditioning inside the car was in a high setting, but I don't know why I felt my body heated as if I were on fire.

I didn't say anything and just remained silent until we reached the parking lot and even when we were inside the lift.


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