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   Chapter 111 Memory loss

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"Just kidding!"

I stopped instantly and looked at him with my mouth hanging in mid-air.

"What did you say?"

"I'm just kidding!" And he gave me the most hilarious laugh I have ever seen in him.

"What the hell, Craig? I hate you!"

I screamed, narrowing my eyes on him but he just continued to laugh at me.

"Oh, my good and gracious heaven, Sophia! Your reaction was priceless!" And he laughed at me again. He even slammed his hand on the table as he can't control his laughter.

I sit back and took a deep breath. I hate him for this freaking joke but on the other hand, I am thankful it wasn't real. Yes, I missed him but I don't know how to face him after what happened last night. I received three calls from him this morning and two this afternoon, but I simply ignored them and pretended not to notice his calls. I even put my phone into silent mode and tossed it in my bag.

"I hate you, Craig!"

"I know you will, but also know you won't hate me forever, duh!" He said rolling his eyes.

I just turned my eyes back to the computer screen and focus on my work, but this annoying gay in front of my desk doesn't want to leave my office and loves to interrogate me all day.

"So, what happened to you last night, Madam Kelley?"

"Madam Kelley?" I repeat, scrunching my face.

"Fine! Sophia Kelley, what happened to you last night? Because it seemed that you forgot to do what you promised before leaving the apartment yesterday!"

I sighed and leaned on my seat. How I wish I had a magic wand to make him a frog even just for today.

"I won't stop bothering you unless you tell me what happened!" He said, crossing his arms over his chest. "You promised to call me and I was worried sick waiting for your call, but I just waited for nothing! I tried to call your so-called brother and his girlfriend, but they were both out of range!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't get the chance to call you last night---"

"Oh, my gosh! You didn't get the chance to call me or you forgot to call me? That's really different, girl, so which one?"

"Fine, I forgot to call you---"

"Haha... see? I was right! Tsk.tsk tsk." He shook his head.

"Listen to me first, Craig."

"Hmmp! Do I have a choice?"

I smiled at him before telling him the whole story of what happened yesterday and even last night. I didn't tell him in details as it was a  personal matter with my husband,

d when he only took three steps to get in front of me.

"W-What are you doing?" I gulped as he lowered his body and drew his face closer to me.

"You said you have a memory loss, well, I will bring back all your memories from last night!"

"But I----" I didn't get the chance to protest as he crashed his lips with mine.

-'Where the hell did I get that idea?'-

It was a rough and a harsh kiss at first, seeking a response that later ended in an intense making out. My body seemed to be on fire with his touch. His hands wandered on my back as his lips slowly slid down to my neck. And I couldn't help but moan when he bit my earlobe.

We were both catching our breath when he stopped and dropped his face on the crook of my neck.

"Holy God, sweetheart! You don't know what you're doing to me, you're killing me! You're driving me insane every time I smell your scent! I can't even concentrate on my work because of you!"

I gulped while he's giving me feather-like kisses on my neck. His breathing tickles me that I have to bite my lip to suppress my moan.

But then he pulled back and looked at me with an expression he had earlier when he came in.

-'What the---- how can he change his expression in a split second?'-

"Why did you leave the penthouse and why didn't you have breakfast?" He held both my shoulders. "And why you didn't answer my calls?"

I sighed and avoided his gaze as I remembered waking up without him beside to me, that he had to go to work even after what happened to us last night.

"My phone is on silent so I didn't notice you were calling."

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