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   Chapter 109 So, is it my fault

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7614

Updated: 2019-12-27 21:00

"Why don't you take a shower now and change your clothes?"

I felt goosebumps crawl behind the back of my neck when he spoke behind me. I took a deep breath before facing him and about to speak, but stopped instantly when my nostrils filled with his scent. The soap and aftershave he used filled the whole room.

He was topless and wore only a piece of a white towel that hung loosely on his waist. I gulped as I felt my throat suddenly become dry. I have never seen him topless before and I didn't know that there was a perfectly shaped body inside of his thick coat and jacket every day.

Drops of water fell from his hair down to his shoulders, and my eyes followed those drops that slid down to his well-toned chest, onto his six-packed abs, and this made me bite my lip which I hadn't noticed.

I only realized what I was doing when our eyes met and noticed the deep frown on his forehead.

"Stop doing that, sweetheart!" He said, gritting his teeth.

"Stop doing what?" I asked, confused. Even though my heart started pounding irregularly inside my chest, I remained calm.

"Stop chewing your lip, forgodsake! You're killing me!"

"What? But I'm---"

"You don't know what you're doing to me, Sophia, so stop it!"

"What are you talking about? I'm not doing anything than biting my lip. What's wrong with that?"

And because of being stubborn, I bit it again. I only understand what he meant when his hand encircled my waist and pulled me to him before he smashed his lips into mine. It's a hard and hungry kiss that made my knees buckle and my insides melt.

But even though it was a surprise to me, I didn't wait for any second before responding to his kiss. The gap between us earlier had vanished and replaced by a sexual tension that fired up both our imagination.

My hands know their way up to his neck as he pulled me. An involuntary moan escaped my lips when I felt his lips glide down my neck and bit my earlobe. The sensation he's giving me almost makes my knees drop, but he supported my weight by encircling his two hands around me.

This is the first time I have no hesitation in responding to his kiss, instead, I clung to his neck and hugged him tightly. He pulled me closer and groaned between his kiss. His hands began to roam over m

ou doing?" I asked startled as he started to pull out himself from me.

"We can't do this, I don't want to hurt you." He said shaking his head.

And that made me feel agitated and grabbed his arms to stop what he's doing. I can't believe him this time! How dare him left me hanging on a cliff of fire and desire?

"No! Let's do this."

"I can't. I will only hurt you."

"So what? That's normal, forgodsake!"


"Fine! If you don't want to do this, then I can't promise not to date JM again." Suddenly, his eyes widened in rage and I bit my lip to suppress my smile.

"Don't you ever say that again or I swear to tied you on my hips forever!"

"Hmmp! I already heard you say that before. In fact, this is your second time---- ahhh!"

That's it.

I didn't get a chance to finish my statement when he smashed his lips on mine and started moving on top of me.

At first, I thought the pain won't stop, but as he continued to move, the pain eased and replaced by pleasure and desire. Our chests were moving up and down due to our racing breaths.

Until we both reached our peak and he lay down next to me, it was only then that I smiled and felt the contentment inside my heart.

He drew me to him and put his arm under my head before giving me a lingering kiss on my forehead. He wrapped his other arm around my waist protectively a protective manner, as if he's afraid that I would run away or freak out when everything that happened already sink in me. Well, that will never happen.

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