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   Chapter 106 Frustrated Daniel

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6129

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"So what do you think will happen if he finds out that you agreed with JM as his date on thursday? Forgodsake, today is tuesday that means it's on the day after tomorrow!"

"Yup, don't worry, I have Denise if you don't want to help me."

"Tss! Okay, fine! I'm going to help you but make sure this time he will into your trap!"

"I hope so, but in case he don't bite the trap, I still have another plan in mind." I smiled and then shrugged.

"Oh, goodness!"


Daniel's POV:

"Didn't she call?"

I asked Denise, frowning as it is the third day that Sophia didn't come to the office. I'm not mad because she hasn't cooked and brought food, but with the fact that I missed her so much and I can't even see her face or smell her perfume.

"No, Sir, she didn't."

"Fuck! What the hell is going on with her?" I banged my fists on the table due to frustration. "Call Andrew when you leave!"

"Yes, Sir."

I'm not sure if I saw her smiled but I just ignored it and took my phone from the drawer. I was about to dial Craig's number when Andrew entered my office.

"Denise told me, you wanted yo see me, Sir?"

"Yes! Did my wife call you?"

"Ohh... I thought you said you don't have a wife and she has nothing to do with you?"

"What the hell, just answer my fucking question, Andrew!"

"Hey, take it easy, dude! She didn't call me, okay?"

He was shocked when I yelled but Andrew, being Andrew, just laughed at me and sat on the couch.

"And why do you suddenly interested if she called or not?"

"It's been three days, Andrew! It's been fucking three days when she suddenly stop bringing me lunch and she didn't even call or send a message if what is happening to her right now!"

"I got it! So you're mad because she stopped bringing you lunch? Come on, dude, she's not you

t for there company's annual celebration...."

As soon as the word 'date' came out of his mouth, I felt my blood boil and suddenly rose up to my head.

"...she agreed to go with him and-----"

"Goddamnit!" I yelled that made him stop talking. I also banged my hand on the table as I felt the rage filling up inside me.

"Hey! Why are you mad at me? I'm just answering your question----"

I didn't wait for him to finish his statement as I immediately ended the call. After putting the phone inside my pocket, I took my jacket and my car key and ran towards the door.

I saw Andrew and Denise talking and they immediately stopped when they noticed me.

"Are you going home---"

"No! I'm going to Saavedra's residence and take my wife out that house! And God forbid, but I'm going to break JM's neck if he dared to touch her!"

"Ohh... okay, take care, Sir and good luck!"

I heard Andrew shouted behind me but I didn't have time to look at him or Denise. And because of that, I missed everything that happened behind me when I entered the lift. I missed the way they shared a knowing look, their high fives and the exchange of laughter as if they had won in a lottery.


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