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   Chapter 105 Good news

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6762

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"Oh, God, sweetheart! You're killing me!"

My eyes widened in surprise and an idea came to my mind.

"But she didn't put poison in all the food she's giving you, Sir."

"You're still here?" He looked up immediately. Shock and confusion were written in his wide eyes.

"Yes, Sir, I'm still here." I pretended to be confused.

"I-I thought....never mind! Get out and go back to work!" He said brushing his hair frustratedly.

"What about this?" I asked, lifting the paper bag.

"Argh! Fine! Put it on the table!"

"Are you sure, Sir---"

"Yes! Put it on the table and get out!"

"Oh, right away, Mr. Kelley!"

After placing the bag on the small table, a wide smile instantly crept my lips and I went out of his office, grinning. If I only knew that only that menudo dish is the way for him to give in, I have already told his wife to cook it every day and serve it to him three times a day. Maybe that dish has already melted his pride and ran to his wife the day he saw her again.


Daniel's POV:

I couldn't help myself glancing at the door. It's already 11:45 am and there are 15 minutes left before lunch break, but until now Denise hasn't entered my office to bring my lunch.

It's been two weeks since Sophia started bringing me food and it's also been two weeks that I've almost gone insane knowing that she's just there but I can't hold her. I wanted to hug her and tell her how much I missed her, but I can't do it as I am still waiting for the right moment.

I waited until exactly 12:00 pm but Denise didn't enter my office so I tried to make an alibi just to send her in and check if Sophia had already arrived and brought my food.

"Mr. Kelley, you called me, Sir."

"Uhmm...have you already finished the report from marketing team?" I asked, my eyes were scanning if she had a paper bag.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sir but I didn't open it. I thought you said you will need it by the end of this month so I finished the reports from the finance department f

tner in your company's annual party on thursday, but I have a favor."

He suddenly chuckled before offering his hand for a handshake.

"Whatever it is, Sophia, I'm glad you agreed."

"I'll talk to you later about my favor, I hope you would help me."

"I told you, whatever it is, as long as you agreed to be my partner, then I'm willing to help you."

"Thanks in advance, JM." I said finally accepted his hand.

When Craig and I were left alone, I gasped as he suddenly pulled me to my seat.

"What kind of help are you asking from him, Sophia Yzabelle?" He asked glaring at me.

"Relax, Craig."

"The hell! You know that he's your husband's business competitor---"

"No! They were not really a business rival but in sports, softball."

"But I thought Daniel told you that Saavedras were his rivals?"

"No, the truth is that their parents were close friends until now and their feuds started when they were in college because they belonged to different opponents. And I found out that JM had a crush on one of the cheerleaders in their university, but it happened that she was Daniel's girlfriend. And he blamed JM when they separated."

"Ohh... and until now he's still holding it against him?" I nodded. "But that's a long time ago!"

"Yeah... that's a long time ago and JM is Bryan's friend and we can't change that."

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