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   Chapter 104 FRIED CHICKEN

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7064

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"Do you want this food on your desk or here on the small table?" Instead, I asked, ignoring his weird question.

"No! Put them in the trash can!"

"Huh?" My mouth, as well as my eyes, opened wide when I heard his words. "But why, Mr. Kelley? She personally cooked this food for you---"

"You can take that if you want, Denise!"

I wonder if he knows what's inside of the bag. I realized that he's not a good actor or he can't be an actor even in a short film or movie. I saw the surprised look in his eyes when I mentioned his wife but he immediately covered it with a serious expression.

"Are you sure, Mr. Kelley?"

I asked again but he didn't answer and he turned his eyes back to his computer screen.

"Hmm... this food smell so nice... so delicious! I wonder what's inside of this bag."

I pretended to open the bag with my eyes on him, but he continued to ignore me.

"Oh, my God----"

"Denise!" He yelled.


"Get out!"

"Uhmm... okay. I'll go back to my desk, Mr. Kelley."

I took the bag and headed towards the door, but I intentionally opened the food container to let him smell the delicious aroma of the food.

"Oh, fried chicken! This is my favorite!"

I raised my voice excitedly and that made him look up, blinking.

"Thank you so much, Sir, for giving me your lunch. I'm sure, just by its smell, this is the most delicious FRIED CHICKEN on earth!"


"Bye, Sir. I'll go back to my desk!"

I opened the door, laughing silently at his expression. Maybe he was going to take this back based on his reaction.

So I waited for him outside his office, standing in front of the double wooden door while holding the paper bag in my hands. But few minutes have passed, he didn't open the door. I just sighed and about to go to my desk when I heard Mr. Peterson's voice behind me.

"What are you doing here, Denise? And what's inside that brown paper bag? Is that food?"

I mentally rolled my eyes before explaining to him what happened and why I am standing outside Mr. Kelley's office.

"He told you that he don't have a wife and throw that food

I already told Ma'am Sophia his reaction yesterday, but I think he got a stubborn and persistent wife as she just chuckled when I also mentioned about Mr. Peterson's exaggeration yesterday.


One week later...

"Sir, your lunch for today is your favorite menudo with special ingredients of love, care and too much waiting...." I smiled when he frowned at me.

"What are you talking about?"

"Uhmm... too much waiting because----"

"How did you know about my favorite food?"

"Ohh.. your wife told me!"

"Argh!" I raised an eyebrow when he closed his eyes, sighing loudly.

"It smell is so delicious, do you want me to take this outside?"

His eyes snapped open and looked at me, knitting his eyebrows. I'm sure he didn't expect my question as it was the opposite of what I always ask him every day. 'Do you want me to serve your food' but he always refused and told me to take it with me, so this time, I tried to ask him the opposite.

"Sir, do you want me to take this out? I'm sure you won't eat this."

"Ahm...y-yes, take it with you!"

"Are you sure, Sir? But this is your favorite."

"Yes!" He sighed harshly. "Get out!"

I don't know what's going on in his mind this time. He suddenly dropped his head on his hands and whispered something, but since I was still in my post, I heard it clearly.

"Oh, God, sweetheart! You're killing me!"

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