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   Chapter 103 Amnesia or dementia

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6634

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I am about to open the door but I remembered something to tell him.

"Hey, Daniel Kelley! You're not a good actor, sweetheart." He looked at me frowning. "Your acting skill is so terrible, it sucks! But don't worry, I still love you even if you don't get an acting award."

I didn't miss how the look of surprise registered in his eyes before I finally opened the door and left them inside.


"I don't understand your dramas, Sophia Yzabelle!"

Craig said, rolling his eyes at me. He was sitting in my chair in my office while I was on the couch.

"Well, I also don't understand it, if Andrew didn't tell me the truth."

"But why would he pretend, I mean, for what? Hello! What will he get on pretending?"

"I don't know." I shrugged. "But whatever his reason, I will never give up this time. Even when he pushed me, I will just go back and show him that I love him and I'm ready."

"Forgodsake! The problems, the issues and the traumas of the past were over, but now the drama between you two began! Haha... how will you be able to be together if you both have a huge ego?"

A smile crept on my lips as I remembered that it was what my mother had told me before I decided to go back to Los Angeles.

"At first, he was the one chasing you until the issue about your ex-fiance's came in line, and because of that everything you had and the relationship that was just starting to bloom suddenly disappeared. You followed him in San Diego but nothing happened, and he followed you to Italy because you ran away----"

"Hey, I didn't run away! You know that I have to go there because ---"

"Let me finish my statement, girl!" He glared at me.

"Fine!" I huffed.

"As I was saying, he followed you to Italy, he did everything for you, he helped your family but you just pushed him to go back. And now that you're the one who chases him, he's the one who kept rejecting you! What the fuck! Are you just going to chase and push each ot

"Okay, I will tell him that you love him very much!"

"Thanks again, Denise. I have to go, I still have an appointment this afternoon."

"Take care, Ma'am Sophia." She waved goodbye before I walked towards the elevator.


Secretary Denise POV:

I saw my boss typing on his laptop when I entered his office. He didn't even spare me a glance so he didn't also notice the brown paper bag in my hands. I walked to the couch and was about to put the bag when I heard his voice.

"I don't remember calling you, Denise----what is that?"

"Paper bag, Sir." I smiled but he frowned.

"I know that's a paper bag, but what is inside that bag?"

Maybe if I weren't used to being this cold and a bit arrogant of him sometimes, I'd probably run out of his office and never come back until he called me again.

"Ohh, this bag contains your lunch, Sir." I continued to smile.

"But I didn't order food----"

"This came from your wife, Mr. Kelley." That made him strengthened his seat.

"My wife?"

"Yes, Sir and she told me to bring you this food before your lunch break. She also said that she was the one who cooked all of them for you---

"But I don't have a wife, Denise, so what are you talking about?"

-'whoa! Amnesia or dementia? Forgodsake, Ma'am Sophia was right!'-

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