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   Chapter 101 Soon to be ex-wife

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7050

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"Hi, Ms. Del Mundo."

I turned to look at Chloe who wears her most fake smile ever.

"So you came back in Los Angeles, I thought you will stay in Italy forever? What are you doing here?"

"Hello to you, Ms. Enriquez... yeah, I'm back. I've decided to come back and stay in Los Angeles forever. And as for your question, I think I should ask you the same thing, what are you doing here?" Copying her fake smile, I started walking towards Daniel's table.

"We are currently in a meeting, Ms. Del Mundo."

But I stopped as soon as I heard what Daniel said.

"Ms. Del Mundo, I thought I am Mrs. Kelley to you?"

It hurts to hear that he addressed me with my maiden name but I have to pretend as if I wasn't affected in front of him because the bitch is watching.

"It doesn't matter whatever he called you, we are in a very important meeting, so if you're done talking----"

"I am talking to my husband and not you, so shut up will you?"

I heard her gasp but I turned my eyes to Daniel who has an expression I couldn't even understand.

"I need to talk to you----"

"She's right, Sophia. We were discussing our partnership before you came in. I think we can talk about your purpose of coming here in some other day."

'Our partnership' whether it is about business or personal matter, I am afraid to ask.

"But I need to talk you right now, sweetheart."

I saw the surprised look in his eyes but I didn't understand why he had to cover it.

"How important is it that you can't wait for some other day to discuss it with him?"

If ever looks could kill, I swear that within five seconds, you will find the lifeless body of this annoying woman floating in the middle of the Pacific ocean!

"I love you. I love you, Daniel Kelley and I'm willing to marry you again and live with you forever. It doesn't matter if you don't have a ring as long as I have you."

A few seconds have passed but I still haven't received any response from him.

"I said I love you---"

"I remembered proposing you last month and you said you can't be with me and you told me to go back----"

"Yes, bu

believe with the reactions and words he gave me?

"What happened?"

"What happened?"

I gasped in shock when Andrew and Denise asked me at the same time the moment I closed the door. They were standing outside as if they were really waiting for me to come out with a smile.

"What the hell are you two doing? You startled me!" I playfully snapped at them as I put my hand over my chest.

"Oops, I'm sorry, Ma'am Sophia. I thought you already noticed us earlier." Denise exclaimed, giving me an awkward smile.

"So, what happened? Did you slap the bitch?"

I sighed loudly before shaking my head at Andrew.

"It's okay, you can always do that in some other time."

"That's not the point, Andrew, he doesn't want to talk to me."

He pulled me towards his office and I started to tell them what happened.

"What the hell! Did he really tell you those things?"

I nodded, but my eyes widened when he slammed his hands on the desk and rushed towards the door.

"Hey, where are you going?" I got up immediately to chase him and blocked his way.

"I'm going to snap that bastard's head! How dare him tell you those nonsense things, how did he get them? I remembered last week when he's drunk, he told me how he missed you, how he loves you and he said feels like hell not seeing you, but now he fucking lied to your face! I swear, I'm gonna crack his balls and cut his dick..........."

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