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   Chapter 99 I will protect what's mine!

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"So, aren't you going to call him or stop him from going back to LA?"

"No." I shook my head which made her knitted her eyebrows in confusion.

"But why?"

"I want to fix myself first, Mom, and I think I can't give him my hundred percent me as long as I'm not completely healed."

"Well, if that's your decision, I will have to support you. Just always remember that Mom is here for you. I love you, my baby."

"I love you too, Mom."

I gave her a smile before accepting her embrace.


One month later...

"Is that your new hobby, zoning out?"

My head snapped towards my mother when I heard her voice behind me. It's already nine o'clock in the evening, but I chose to stay for a while in the veranda to have some fresh air.

"Mom, you're not the first person who asked me that question." I sighed and gave her a sad smile.

"Oh, really?"


I nodded. She sat down across my seat in a round outdoor table.

"May I know the name of the person who asked you that question?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

I know that even if I don't tell her the answer, I'm sure she already has a clue of who that person was.

"It's him. I heard it from him."

"Hmm... and who is he that you're referring?"

"Mom, I know you already know him."

"But I don't know who he is." She said, controlling her smile and I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, I heard it from Daniel."

"Ohh... tell me, is Daniel you're talking about is Daniel Kelley, your husband?"

"Mommy!" I couldn't help but pout with her question, but she just gave me a humorous laugh.

"Why, what's wrong with my question? There are lots of Daniel in this world, so how would I know who's Daniel you are talking about." She shrugged.

-'Huh! Really, Mom?'-

Tsk.tsk. I don't know where did my mother get this silly question.

"Do you miss him?"

I looked at her to see if she still had a teasing

I blinked repeatedly as my mouth opened slightly when she emphasized the word 'husband'.


"Then what are you waiting for, go! Start packing your things and we are going to fly to Los Angeles tonight!"

Hearing those words of my mother brought tears to my eyes but I wiped them immediately and stood up to run to my room.

"You're right, Mom! I won't let them steal my husband! I won't let them steal my man! He's mine and I will protect what's mine!"

"That's my girl, go!"

I was just taking three steps away from her when I remembered something to ask her.

"But we haven't booked tickets yet."

"And who said we have to book tickets?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, frowning.

"Well, I have already called your older brother that we're going to back to LA once I have talked to you and he will send his jet and personal pilot to pick us up at the airport."

"Whoa! So does this mean you've already planned everything before talking to me?"


"But how did you know I would agree?"

"Because I know you love him and seeing the sparks in your eyes every time you hear his name, I know you would agree."

"Ahh... thank you, Mom."

I walked back to her and hugged her tightly from behind.

"You're always welcome."

"You're the best."

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