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   Chapter 98 I didn't ask you to stay!

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6432

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"But what if I told you that I also spent 20 minutes inside that coffee shop just to check if you were there?"

My mouth opened slightly and I don't know how to answer him anymore.

"Tell me the truth, Sophia, where have you been?"

"I went to the hospital."

"Hospital? But what did you do in the hospital? What happened, are you sick? How are you feeling right now---"

"No, it's not me, I'm fine. I just visited an old friend." I said holding his hands to stop him from touching my neck and forehead. Concern was evident in his eyes.

"You visited an old friend." He repeats, nodding.

"I received a phone call from the hospital earlier and they told me that this person wanted to talk to me, so I immediately ran to the hospital."

"And who is this old friend you visited?

"Nicholas De Lucca."

His eyes widened but I'm not sure if it's from being shock or for anger.

"You visited the father of the person who molested you?"

"Yes, but---"

"What if he hired someone to get you or else to kill you?" His voice came a shout that made me step back.

"He can't do it anymore."

"Are you sure? He's still a businessman, Sophia! And a businessman's mind is always advance when it comes to something like this!"

"I know, but telling you he can't do it anymore."

"And how would you know? Even if he is in the hospital, it doesn't mean---"

"He passed away!"

And that made him stop.

"What do you mean he passed away?" He asked in confusion.

"He passed away. He's gone. He's dead. He died in front of me! He lost his breath in front of me after telling me his last wish to tell his son how sorry he was and how much he loves him!"

"Okay, I got it. He died this afternoon and he had last wish. So where did you go after visiting him in the hospital? Don't tell me you went to---"

"Yes, I also visited him. I visited the son of the person who died right before my eyes and fulfilled

ng to chase him?"

I felt a tap on my shoulder followed by my mother's voice.

I heaved a loud sigh, shaking my head. I didn't notice that she was watching our conversation earlier. It's been thirty minutes since Daniel opened the door and disappeared from my sight, and it's also been thirty minutes after I find myself still standing in where he left me, at the end of the stairs.

"You're right, love doesn't judge, but it also doesn't keep record of wrongdoings."

"Mom, why is it so hard to fall in love? We always fight and always shouting each other. Ever since we met, it seems that there's a huge wall between us and we couldn't stand next to each other without fighting. And the results are always like this, we always end up hurting each other."

"Actually, falling in love is that hard as you think. Do you know why you always end up hurting each other? It's because you are both stubborn. You both have a high and huge ego that sometimes gets taller than your nose."


She smiled at me and pulled me towards the living room.

"You have to understand him, Belle, the same thing that he needs to understand your issues. Yes, you just married because of an agreement but he holds on to that. He loves you."

"I know." I sighed, lowering my head.

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