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   Chapter 96 Nicholas De Lucca.

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6701

Updated: 2019-12-06 23:59

Sophia's POV:

My heart is pounding inside my rib cage as I walk towards the entrance of Bologna's public hospital. I was in a supermarket near our subdivision when I received a call from the nurse's station that one of their patients wanted to see me.

At first, I was hesitant, but after knowing that he also had a stroke and suffered from a temporary coma, I decided to pay him a visit. Maybe this is now the right time to face him after his son was sentenced to life imprisonment for several cases that the government of Bologna given to him, including the case I filed against him.

"Sophia Del Mundo?" The nurse in the reception desk repeated my name.

"Sì, ecco la mia carta d'identità." (Yes, here's my identity card)

"Per favore Seguimi." (Please follow me)

"Grazie." (Thank you)

I gave her back the smile which she didn't hesitate to give me.

It's been seven years to be exact since that incident happened and after seven years I will be able to see the father of the man who gave me terrifying nightmares and unforgettable past.

"Ecco la sua stanza." (Here is his room".

"Grazie." (Thank you)

"Prego, basta premere il buzzer se hai bisogno di qualcosa da chiedere sulla sua conditioner." (You're welcome, just press the buzzer if you need something to ask about his condition)

I nodded at her before she walked back to her post. And I was left alone standing at the door of the second to the last person I wanted to see again in my life. Nicholas De Lucca.

I didn't even bother to knock, I just turned the knob and pushed the door to open.

My breath stuck in my throat the moment I saw him lying on the hospital bed. He looked terrible than my father when he was still in the hospital. Nicholas De Lucca, the worst person, the most selfish and cunning man I have ever known when I was young. I couldn't see him then as a person, until now I couldn't find pity inside my heart, even though he's now lying on bed, almost lifeless, paler than my father when he's s

mes do I have to hear those painful words? How many times do I have to suffer from the new emotional trauma left by those words?

I dropped myself into the chair behind me as I suddenly feeling drained and weak.

"I'm dying and I don't want him to give up his own life because of me. I never became a father to him. He grew up always seeking for my attention but I was too busy attending my business. And I became shock one day when I found out that he was using and selling illegal drugs. I did everything I could to stop him, but I failed as I just came home one afternoon and saw you running down the stairs. And by that very moment, I already knew he had done something wrong, not just based on your ripped clothes but from the frightened look in your eyes."

"So you knew by then, but you did nothing to help me!"

"He begged me. He knelt in front of me and that was the first time he called me daddy after long years. That was also the time I realized that I need to be a father to him even just once."

"Even though you knew it was for a wrong reason and because of that, you stole my Dad's opportunity to become a father to me just because for your selfish reason! Look at you! Look at where you are and think about your son's situation right now, then tell me, do you think you have become a good father to your son?"

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