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   Chapter 93 Interrogation

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7961

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Sophia's POV:


Andrew's eyes widened when he saw me running towards the information desk at the police station. I was about to ask the officer in charge where can I find my husband, but Andrew saw me before I could ask them.

"Andrew, where is Daniel?"

I asked him, confused.

"Ohh... H-He is inside."

As much as I wanted to ask what is happening to his tongue, but I'm also worried about Daniel, so I just ignored him and rushed inside.

"Wait! Sophia!" He followed me inside but I have no time to question him.

I found my husband talking to one of the officers. His back was facing me, so he didn't notice I walked towards his side. I was about to take his hand when Andrew shouted behind me.

"Daniel, Sophia is here!"

My eyebrows creased in confusion and I turned around to look at him, but he immediately looked away. What the hell is happening with him?

"What the fuck are you wearing?" I heard Daniel's voice before I felt a thick jacket wrapped around my shoulders.

And before I could open my mouth to ask what was going on, he smashed his lips on mine. I was surprised and couldn't move in my post as I didn't expect his sudden action.

He hugged me tightly after breaking the kiss and put his head on the crook of my neck.

"Daniel Kelley, what are you doing?" I whispered in his ears, but instead of letting me go, he just tightened his hold on me.

"What do you think I am doing, Sophia Kelley?"

"I don't understand you! What are you doing here?"

"Before I answer your question, answer my question first! What the hell are you wearing?"

"What do you mean with what I wear?"

And he unwrapped himself off me so I can look at the kind of dress that I wear, and only then I understand the reaction of the taxi driver, Andrew's stuttering voice and Daniel's sudden action.

I am only wearing a thin spaghetti straps white shirt and also thin purple cotton short. But why Mom didn't tell me about it?

"Okay, I got it, but why did you have to kiss me?" I asked in a whisper. Everyone in the room is watching us including Andrew and the officer behind Daniel.

"It's to show them you are mine!" I gasped and held the end of his jacket. "And I don't want to see them gawking at you, because I swear, you won't ever see me out of this room anymore!"

"And why?"

"Because I will kill them all!"

I bit my bottom

re you doing?"

I heard him asked me but I remained in closed eyes.

"Nothing, I am just killing him in my mind." I replied, but the truth is that I am killing the excitement inside my heart. -'Argh! This fucking heart of mine! Traitor!'-


We waited about an hour before the officer took him out of the interrogation room.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself to face the man that I just dreamed off seeing inside this prison.

"Oh, come stai bella mia, Belle?" (Oh, how are you my beautiful, Belle?)

"Fuck you! You made my life miserable over the years, but this time I will make sure that you can't manipulate the truth anymore!"

I screamed and couldn't help myself from smacking his face. All he could do was to accept my punches as he was held by two officers.

But the fucking man just laughed at me that made my tears shows in anger.

"Ma non ti ho fatto niente, amore mio." (But I didn't do anything to you, my love.)

I was about to shout the word 'liar' but Daniel pulled me behind him and punched Joseph hard on the face causing his mouth to bleed.

"If you don't fucking speak in English, I will cut your tongue including your balls right now! You made me fucking believe you, and I hurt my wife because of it!" He said his voice was full of venom.

Joseph spit out the blood and showed us his most annoying laugh that I had heard many times before.

"Your wife." He repeat. "You are calling that woman your wife, but she's a slut! A whore who seduced my best friend before our wedding."

"What the fuck---"

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