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   Chapter 88 Guests

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 5929

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Sophia's POV:

"What are you doing?"

My brother asked me, confused when he saw me stopped at the bottom of the stairs. A very familiar scent filled my nostrils that brought me goosebumps and made my heart beat faster.

"Did you change your cologne?"

"No. Why do you ask?" He walked towards me and let me smell his shirt.

"Nothing, it's just the scent is quite familiar." I shrugged.

"Maybe it comes from our guests."

"Guests? Have they already arrived?"

"Yes, they are now in the dining room and I heard one of them was the one who bought Dad's company."

"Really?" I turned to him, slightly surprised.

Then I suddenly feel the courage to meet the new owner of our father's company.

We walked towards the kitchen with him following behind me. I can't explain the loud pounding of my chest as we approached the dining room.

"Ouch! Why did you suddenly stop?"

He complained, caressing his chin. He hit the top of my head when I came to stop. Actually, I also felt the same pain, but I was suddenly frozen into my post. I couldn't move and I couldn't open my mouth to apologize at least for what had happened.

The last person I could have ever imagined seeing in our dining room was here, Daniel Kelley. He is currently sitting across my mother's seat and laughing together with my father, Andrew and our maid, Angie who is sitting next to my Mom.

"There you are---what happened to you, son?" My mom didn't finish her greeting as she noticed my brother was sulking next to me.

"She suddenly stopped walking and my chin hit her head!" He complained as if he were five years old.

"Oh, poor boy." Mom said and they laughed at him, even Dad and Andrew.

But I couldn't laugh. I couldn't smile and I couldn't even notice their exchange o

left me short of breath.

I felt Daniel's hand encircled my waist and pulled me closer to him. I really wanted to push him, but my body didn't cooperate with my mind and I just found myself responding to his kiss. I could feel my world swirling around me as I also feel my insides melt just by the thought of being in his arms again, and with his lips that are hungrily, desperately and possessively taking mine.

My knees suddenly felt weak and became unstable but he held me and put my arms around his neck.

"I missed you."

He whispered through his kiss, but since I didn't expect to hear those words, I thought it was only in my imagination.

"Oh, God! I missed you so much!" He said breaking the kiss and put his lips on my forehead.

It was only then I realized why I pulled him out of the kitchen, it is to talk to him and not to be under his spell. I blinked my eyes repeatedly and took a deep breath before I pushed him and slapped him across his face.

How ridiculous isn't it? We are just like the lead characters in a movie in which the female lead slapped the face of the male lead after kissing her and she realized that she too responded to his kiss.

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