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   Chapter 87 I never stop loving him

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6096

Updated: 2019-11-26 23:05

"No, Sir!" I shook my head and looked at him straight in the eye. "Like I said, I want to help you and I want to help my wife----"

"What do you mean you want to help us? We're not beggars, Mr. Kelley!"

"That's not what I mean, Sir." I sighed and started to discuss about what I discovered. The things that happened to Sophia and everything I learned about De Luccas.

"Mr. Kelley---"

"Please call me Daniel, Sir, Ma'am?"

"All right, Daniel. Get up and sit down properly. Let's not discuss about the company as it is no longer mine, it's now yours and you can do anything you want for it. And regarding De Luccas and my daughter's case, I'm afraid to say that she will suffer again from the traumas she had if we reopened the case. She suffered a lot, Daniel, and I was the one who added that suffering to her. So, if you will ask me, I would rather leave the past behind and move forward because that's what my daughter wants."

"What about that bastard, Sir? Are we just going to let him free from what he did?"

"But we don't have evidence of what happened, besides, it's been seven years. Who would believe us---"

"Then leave the case to me, Sir."

"What do you mean?"

"I am holding a solid evidence against him, all I need is your permission to reopen the case and I promise to teach him a lesson for touching my wife!"

"Well, you have to ask Belle for this, Daniel."

"I will, Sir."

They shared a look before Mrs. Del Mundo stood up and sat next to me. And to my surprise, she even took my hand.

"I don't know to say thank you for doing this and of course, for letting us know your feelings towards our daughter. But I only have one favor to ask you, Daniel."

And I waited for her next words.

"Can you promise me to love her and stay by her side until you get old?" She suddenly ch

t most."

"Haha... Mommy, that lines doesn't fit him. This is Italy, we are in Italy---"

"And so?"

"When we were living together, I left him and gone for two weeks. I went to Bryan house but he never tried to look for me and he didn't even call to find out where I am. What more that I am now in Italy, do you think he will fly here and sit for 20 hours just to tell me that he loves me too? Haha... Mom, I would rather stay in my room and play my guitar all day than to make myself believe for the impossible things to happen."

"But Belle---"

"And Mom, if ever what you say will come true, that he feels the same for me, I will not accept it."

"But why?"

"I think we're not meant for each other. Because for a relationship to stand strong and unbreakable, there should be trust, love and communication. That's the main foundation, Mom. But in our case, we only have love and the rest doesn't exist."

We stayed there for a few minutes before she decided to go back to the kitchen, but of course, she still insisted that I should not leave my room until I looked beautiful.

But I am beautiful! Although not in the eyes of the person I love, but I am beautiful in my own way and perspective.

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