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   Chapter 86 Fake son-in-law

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6923

Updated: 2019-11-26 23:00

Daniel's POV:

"Daniel, are you sure of what you are planning to do?" Andrew asked from the other line.

"Yes, actually I'm here now in the Del Mundo's lounge in his company."

"Ohh... what would you explain to Sophia when she finds your plan?"

"I will tell her the truth."

"Well, good luck, dude, not from her but from the claws of her father...grrrrr!" and he even copied the sound of a lion before bursting into laughter.

He flew with me to Italy but I told him to stay in the hotel as I'm the one who will talk to the senior Del Mundo.

"Shut up, Andrew! You're just adding my nervousness!" I said through gritted teeth, but the idiot on the other line laughed even more.

"Hahaha... can you believe that? The famous Daniel Kelley is nervous to face his fake father-in-law?"

"You better pack your things and get ready to fly back to California tomorrow!"

"Oh, you can't do that to me! Haha, I know you love me!"

"He's here!" I straightened my seat when I saw a man coming with a personal nurse pushing the wheelchair behind him.

"What do you mean-----"

"I'm hanging up!" I ended the call and got up immediately when the man in his late fifties stopped exactly two meters away from me.

He looked like a male version of my wife, except for his eyes because Sophia had her mother's eyes.

"Buongiorno Sigñore Del Mundo." ( Good morning, Sir Del Mundo.) I smiled and slightly bowed my head as a sign of respect.

"Good morning, Mister?"


"Good morning, Mr. Kelley. Do you really speak Italian?"

"Oh, not really, Sir." I gave him an awkward smile.

"I see, then let's talk in English." He also smiled at me and offered his hand for a handshake. "Thank you for buying the company. I don't know your reason for doing it, but thank you."

He motioned his personal nurse to push him near the couch before telling her to leave us for a while.

"I'm sorry if you have to see me in this condition." He sighed. "I have stage four lung cancer and I'm just trying to move every single cell of my body. I don't want to die w

ophia get that kind of behaviour.

"My daughter told me everything that you just married because of an agreement, so that means you have no commitment to each other."

"Yes, you're right, Sir. We got married because of a deal, a one-year agreement, but I love her. I learned to love her."

They both gasped before exchanging a glance.

"You do?"

"Yes, Sir, I love your daughter so much----"

"But she said, you didn't feel the same."

"It's because I didn't have the chance to tell her, no, the truth is that I didn't have the courage to tell her. I was a fool, an idiot, a jerk and I hurt her."

I stood up and knelt in front of him. They were both surprised by my action but I continued speaking.

"But if you would allow me, Sir, I want to sort things out between me and your daughter. I love her and I want to ask for her hand to take formally in the aisle. I can't promise to be a perfect son-in-law or a perfect husband for her, but what I can promise is to love her and to cherish her until my last breath."

"Ohh... as a mother and as parents, we love that idea, Mr. Kelley, but we are not the one to decide for that proposal. You should ask our daughter for that." Mrs. Del Mundo patted my shoulder.

"So does this mean you bought my company just to impress my daughter?" His voice was serious but his eyes held emotions that far from being serious.

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