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   Chapter 78 I was wrong!

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6130

Updated: 2019-11-17 02:09

I crumpled the paper in front of me as I remembered what happened in San Diego a week ago.

I leaned on my seat while looking at my wife's photo on my computer screen. I really wanted to call her, to see her and explain to her what she saw but I don't know how to do it.

I was in the middle of my thoughts when my phone suddenly rang and the number of my private investigator flashed on the screen.


"Good morning, Mr. Kelley"

"Do you have any news about him?"

"Yes, Sir. I found out that he is buying Mr. Del Mundo's sausage company in a very small amount and he's now processing all the documents to transfer it to his name. The company is now struggling and Mr. Del Mundo is still indebted with his father. And they were using that million dollars to take advantage of the old man."

"How much exactly does Mr. Del Mundo owes them?"

"I'm still not sure of the amount, but as I have heard, it's thirty million dollars. But he already returned the first ten million, so there are only twenty million dollars left to return to them."

"Fodgodsake! What did he do to the money?" I asked, gripping my phone. That's a huge amount to take in.

"He used it to pay his other debts from the different local banks in Bologna and he used the rest of the money to buy new machines and devices for the company."

I let out a deep and long sigh, analyzing the situation of the old man's company.

"By the way, Mr. Kelley, this father and son were also forcing Mr. Del Mundo to pay them by the end of this year, otherwise, they will take the company as a collateral of his debts."

"What the fuck! How would he return the twenty million dollars in just six months if he's company earned that amount in a year?"

I stood up and slammed my fists on the table as I felt the rage start to bubble inside my chest.

s wrong about him, no, I was wrong in everything. The only thing I did right was the feeling I have for her, that I love her, but the rest were totally fucked up!


Sophia's POV:

I was reading an article from a social media account about the new dance competition that will be announced tomorrow on national television when I noticed that my phone is vibrating on top of my desk.

It was a call from an unregistered number and I am hesitating to answer it, so I just let vibrate until it stopped.

But the caller seems so persistent as he or she tried to call again.

Furrowing my eyebrows, I took a deep breath before deciding to answer the call.


I waited for the caller to say something but I didn't hear anything, only a loud sigh from the other line.

"Hello, who are you?" I started to become confused so I looked at the screen and then put it back in my ear.

A few seconds have passed but I haven't heard any words from the caller.

"You know what, the next time you dial my number make sure you have something to say because you're just wasting my time. I will end this call now----"

"No! Piccola mia, sono io." (No! My baby, it's me."


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