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   Chapter 69 Giving up

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Updated: 2019-11-06 20:35

Sophia's POV:

"What about your plan? The justice you've been looking for, for six years, how about it? Are you just going to let Joseph live happily without paying for what he did to you?"

I looked at Rian and shook my head, giving her a half-hearted smile.

"Actually, Bryan and I talked about it and I decided to stop everything."

"What?" She and Mom and asked in unison.

"You will stop just like that?"

"Yeah, I'm quitting." I shrugged my shoulders and sighed.

"I don't believe you, Belle!" Rian said glaring at me. "He abused you! He fucking tried to rape you!"

"Arrianna Angela!"

"I'm sorry, Mom, but I just can't believe that Belle would just quit like this after what that bastard did to her!"

"But I've already done everything, Rian. In fact, my life stopped for six years just to find justice and to see him rot in jail, but what did I get? Did I succeed?"

"But Belle----"

"I have already found Layla Angeles." And their eyes widened like saucers. "But she said, she has already forgotten what happened."

"That's impossible!" Rian exclaimed loudly.

"Well, she either forgot about what happened, or she just didn't want to help me. I don't know."

"Then let's talk to her again, I will help you. If we have to give her money just to convince her to help you, then let's give her everything she wants---"

"I'm tired, Rian."

I didn't miss the shock that written on their face.

"I'm tired of everything. I wanted to move on and live my life the way I should have live it from the very start. I'm tired of pretending that I was strong but deep inside, I am slowly falling and melting while waiting for the time that I will finally find justice."

"Sophia..." Mom held my hands and I smiled at her.

"After all, I realized that I'm not really doing it for myself, but for those people who judged me, who didn't believe me and one of those was my father. I realized that all this was because I wanted to show him that he was wrong and they were wrong! And I'm also tired of convincing myself that everything will change and everything will back to normal! But no, I have already accepted the truth that it will never change what happened. It's all in the past and the more I tried to dig it, the more it will never heal!"

Everyone turns in silence. No one talks and nobody wants to talk.

"And I'm tired of explaining myself to those people who only understand from their level of perception?" And I ended it with a chuckle.

"Just like my brother?"

I gulped when Rian looked at me doubtfully but I just avoided her eyes.

"You love him, don't you?"

"Rian, this is not about him!"

"That's not the answer to my question, Belle. Do you love him?"

I can feel their intent stares while waiting for my answer.

"Do you love him, Belle?"

I slowly raised my head and looked at them one by one before nodding.

"Then make him your reason to fight!"

I co

uldn't help the bitter laugh that escaped my lips.

"Make him my reason to fight? Are you serious, Rian? He didn't even want to believe me! I tried to explain to him everything to him but I only got another judgement and insults from him! So now tell me, should I make him my reason to fight?"

"I will help you talk to him. I'll help you convince him---"

"Thanks, Rian, but I'm over with it. We can't force him to understand and believe what we believe in, because if he really wants to, he will."

"So you just give up? Are you just going to let him believe that lies?"

"I couldn't do anything about it, Rian." I said shaking my head.

"No! You can't give up now and I will never let you divorce him!" Suddenly she stopped and a devilish grin formed on her lips. "Hmm... what if I hired someone to kill Joseph De Lucca?"



"Arrianna Angela!"

We all shuddered with the idea that came from her mouth.

"Jesus Christ, Baby! What are you talking about?" Alex couldn't help himself and narrowed his eyes on his wife.

"Hey! I'm just kidding!" She defends herself, making a sign of peace with her two fingers ✌️.

"Don't you think it didn't cross my mind?" They all turned to me, shocked. "It also crossed my mind when Bryan helped me escape from Italy and after he built his company. Those nights when I was suffering from nightmares, I also thought of all the horrible ideas I can do to Joseph. I wanted to kill him, to chop his body into pieces, to make him walk naked in front of everyone and they will throw him until he dies."

I smiled when I remembered those crazy ideas.

"But he talked to me that if I do something like that, he said I have no difference from the person who made my life miserable."

We continued our conversation but it never changed my decision. Because for me, it's enough. Six years is enough to live in the past. Maybe now is the time to face my fear, my trauma, my nightmares, face all the people who have judged me and show them that their opinions no longer matter. I still have my family and I still have my life to go on.

I have bodyguards that accompany me wherever I go. I have Bryan that I can call a brother and a friend. I have Craig, my partner, my assistant and a bestfriend. Mom and I have started a new relationship as a mother and daughter again, and of course, my baby brother who doesn't want me to call him a 'baby'.

Even though according to everyone's opinion, it was cowardly to give up and quit easily, but for me and for all the people who truly understand me, they know it's not.

It's just accepting that it's over and giving them up is not cowardice, but letting new opportunities to come in my life. I'm not saying that I will completely forget them, because I know it's not that easy and will still live in me, whatever happens. I will now begin to forget the pain but never the lessons that I have gained from it.

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