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   Chapter 68 He loves you, Belle

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9214

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I woke up the next morning a bit late, so I immediately rushed to the bathroom and did my morning routine.

I pulled a cotton shorts and a baby pink lose shirt. I just left my hair down on my shoulders as I don't have time to dry it.

After checking the time from my phone, I immediately went out of my room... I mean, his room and I ran into the kitchen hoping to see Daniel drinking coffee or eating breakfast

But to my great disappointment, I didn't see him in the kitchen, instead, I found Nanay Emily making pancakes with chocolate syrup. She gave me a warm smile when she noticed me standing at the door.

"Good morning, Sophia!" She said smiling widely as she walked towards my direction.

"Good morning, Nanay Emily." I returned her smile but I can't help but ask about Daniel. "H-Have you seen Daniel? He told me last night we will talk today."

"Ohh... he already left for work."

"He left?"

My eyes widened and I didn't notice my voice rose a little that made her step backwards in shock. "What time did he leave?"

"Uhm, I think before six o'clock---"

"Six o'clock?" My voice rose again. "But usually he left for work before seven."

"Yeah, but he said he has an urgent meeting, so he has to go to the office early to get ready."

"Forgodsake, Daniel Kelley!" I gritted my teeth and tapped my forehead in frustration. "I'm sure you did it on purpose! Argh! You're such an arrogant asshole!"

I continued to babble, forgetting her presence in front of me.

"Oh! I-I'm sorry, Nanay!" I bit my lower lip, giving her an awkward smile.

"It's okay." She said taking my hands. "I missed you, Anak."

"I missed you too, Nanay Emily."

We hugged each other for a while before she gestured me to sit down and eat the breakfast that she prepared for me.

"How are you, Sophia?"

My hand stopped in mid-air when I heard her question.

"I'm fine, Nanay." I shrugged. "Why don't you eat with me?" I tried trying to change the subject.

"Oh, that's all for you. I have already eaten my breakfast earlier."

I just nodded and continued to eat the delicious pancakes while she was just watching me. And then I smiled when I remembered that I hadn't told her about what happened in the last few weeks when I wasn't here.

"I went to Seattle two weeks ago." I said putting down the mug of coffee.

"What did you do in Seattle?" She asked in confusion.

"I went to my Mom's house and talked to her."

"Ohh... what happened then, did she tell you the reason why she left you when you were young?"

I nodded and took a deep breath as smiled at her. She eagerly waited to my story and even though I was hurt and disappointed by what my Dad had done to my Mom sixteen years ago, I'm still happy to find out that I have

an't do that, Belle, it's unfair for you. And you can't file a petition! You can't divorce my brother!"

"Arrianna Angela!"


Alex and Mom said in unison.

"He loves you, Belle."

Rian said that left me speechless for a few seconds before I found myself laughing in front of them.

"It's true! He loves you, Belle, and I know he was just jealous of Joseph!"

I really wanted to tell her that I had already heard that lines from Bryan, but I just shook my head and continued laughing at what she said.

"No, Rian, he's not jealous and I'm sure he's not in love with me. Because to love is to understand the people or the person you love, knowing their weaknesses and not judging them easily. And most of all, knowing their flaws and accepting who they are. And that is love, Rian, not jumping into conclusion without knowing the whole part of the story."

They looked at me but nobody uttered a word except Nanay Emily.

"Who is Joseph?"

We all shared a look before I managed to answer her question.

"Uhm... h-he was ex Nanay Emily."



"Ohh..." She said nodding.

And after that, we all turned into silence.

"Why doesn't everyone talk? What happened?"

But we can't help but burst out laughing when Dino stood in the middle and looked at us one by one.

"We just want to be quiet for a while to save our energy from talking."

"Huh?" He asked me in confusion as he scratched the back of his head.

Actually, I was also confused as to why I said those words, for all the reasons that I could give him.

I just pulled him into my lap and hugged him tightly, blinking away the tears that formed around my eyes.

I will miss every one of them when the court granted our divorce petition. They all became my family for almost nine months of being Daniel's 'fake' wife.

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