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   Chapter 67 Ridiculous

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6548

Updated: 2019-11-06 20:29

Sophia's POV:

"You can sleep in my room---"

"No!" I cut him off, shaking my head. This idea is ridiculous.

He closed the front door and walked past me towards the stairs.

"You will sleep in my room and I will sleep in the guest room!" He glared at me and started walking upstairs.

I was left speechless until an idea came to my mind. I smiled inwardly and was about to walk back outside when I heard his voice again.

"Don't you dare continue what you're thinking, Sophia, because they won't let you out of the gate!"

-'This is bullshit!'-

I muttered to myself as I closed my eyes and sighed. I know he was referring to all his security guards.

"I'm not doing anything and I'm not even moving here!"

"Yeah, but I know you're planning to."

"You said we will talk, then why don't we start the conversation so I can go home now?"

"I told you, this is your home!"

"Why do you keep insisting that this is my home?" He didn't say anything so I kept talking. "If you only want to talk about our marriage or our agreement, then let's talk about it now! I'm so tired, I really want to sleep now and I want to go home! I'm sure Bryan is now worried about me!" I screamed in frustration as I stepped forward. I haven't called him yet.


I looked at him confused.

"What do you mean no?"

"We will not talk about it tonight."

"What the----"

"You said you're tired, so you have to take rest and we will just discuss it by tomorrow." And he disappeared from my sight.

"Argh! You're unbelievable!"

As long as I wanted to scream on top of my lungs, I remembered we're not the only people in the house. I could disturb Nanay Emily, Tatay Berto and the other maids if I do it, so I just balled my fists hard and pulled my hair out of frustration.


I was about to knock on his door when it suddenly opened and the face of my handsome but arrogant husband appeared in from of me.

t are you doing?" He asked with knitted eyebrows.

"I am pulling my suitcase." I shrugged. "I'm sure you already know what I am going to do next, right?"

"No!" He only took three long strides from the door to my direction. "You won't take your things, not until I say so!"

And by that point, I was the one in shock and asked him what he was doing, but he just ignored my question and took the suitcase from my hand.

"Go to sleep! We will talk tomorrow!" He said glaring at me before he walked to the door, pulling my bag.

"What the hell are you doing? Why are you taking my bag?"

"So you shouldn't be able to think of escaping this time."

"Escaping? What are you talking about?"

"Go to sleep now, Sophia! I will be in the next room, so don't try to do something ridiculous, if you don't want me to tie you in bed the whole night!"

"Ridiculous? You dragged me out of the party, you brought me here and now you want me to sleep in your room, isn't what you're doing can be called ridiculous? Why don't you just give me the key to my old room so I can sleep there and you'll sleep here?"

"No! You will stay here and we will talk tomorrow!"

And before I could form another word, he went out of the door and closed it immediately.

"Seriously? Did he just shut the door? Argh!"

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