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   Chapter 65 No longer husband and wife

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9411

Updated: 2019-10-31 22:43

Sophia's POV:

"Are you sure you want me to come with you instead of Aira?"

I asked Bryan for the third time as he invited me to attend one of his clients' party.

"Belle, how many times do you have to ask me that question? Yes, I'm sure of it. Aira couldn't come with me as she has a modelling show in Las Vegas tonight."

"Ohh... okay." I said nodding.

"Anyway, I've already hired new bodyguards for you and they will start tonight."

I walked over to him and hugged him from behind.

"Thank you, Bry."

"Don't mention it, I'll do it even when you're already married."

I bite my lower lip and sigh after hearing what he said. It's been two weeks since I left Daniel's house, and I admit, it's not easy to wake up every morning when his face was the first thing that came to my mind. And I had to make myself busy every day just to avoid thinking about him.

Craig came to see me twice here when I told him that I would take a temporary leave from work. I also didn't respond to Rian's, and Nanay Emily's and even from my mother-in-law's calls.

"Let's go, we'll be late if we don't go now."

We used Bryan's car with a bodyguard and a driver in the front seat.


My mouth formed an 'O' shape as we got off the car. Paparazzi are all over the venue with camera flashes everywhere. I gripped Bryan's arm and as we entered the hotel entrance.

"Relax, I'm here with you." He said looking at me.

I just smiled nodding at him and bit my lip as we entered. I couldn't help but think of the 90% possibility of seeing Daniel at this party. At first, I wanted to refuse to come with Bryan, but I realized that this is nothing compared to what he has done for me over the past years.

"Do you think he's here?" I asked as I tried to roam my eyes around the venue.

He chuckled lightly as he shook his head.

"I was right, you're thinking of him that's why you agreed to come with me. Do you expect him to come?"

"Even if I don't expect it, I know he would come!" I rolled my eyes but he just raised his eyebrow. "This is a birthday party of one of the top businessman in the country, and almost all the prominent businessmen are here, so I wouldn't be surprised if I saw him here."

"Really? Do you think you won't be surprised if he came with another woman in his arms tonight?"

I looked at him but his eyes were not on me, so I frowned following his gaze. And my breath hitched when I saw where he was looking.

There he was, Daniel Kelley, standing in all his glory with a familiar woman next to him. What is her name again? Ahh... Chloe, the same girl he kissed in the parking lot and the woman who claimed herself as his girlfriend at the party we attended last time. I was right, he will also attend this party.

He was talking to some of h

were okay before you came between us. You stole him from me!"

I heard gasps from the people around us watching her little act. I don't know why she's doing this. If it is to humiliate me in front of everyone, well, she's the one humiliating herself on her behavior.

"I didn't steal anything from you, Miss Enriquez."

"Liar! I believe you only married him for his money!"

-'What the hell?'-

"You're fake and a gold digger! You seduced him ----"


A loud voice roared over the venue that made her stop talking. We all turned from the owner of the voice and I gulped when he took three long strides to get in front of her.

Suddenly, I lost all the strength when he held her elbow. But after a few seconds, I heard him talking to her, not the kind of way I expect him to talk to her.

"You don't have the right to talk to my wife that way! And to clear this up, we broke up two years ago before she came into my life! And I married her because I love her and we got married because we loved each other!"

I stiffened when he suddenly looked at me and then turned back to her.

"And by the way, what is it with you if she married me because of money? She deserves all of it and everything I have because she's my wife! And I don't care if she spends all of them for herself or for whatever she wants! I'm willing to give everything to her and you have no right to question it! You're just my business partner and nothing more! Do you understand?"

If this situation had happened a few weeks ago, I'm sure my heart would have jumped with excitement. He just screamed to everyone that he loves me that's why we got married, even though it's not true. But of course, since it happened tonight, I have no right to feel joy and excitement since we were no longer husband and wife. I'm sure he just did it because we haven't filed a divorce petition.

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