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   Chapter 62 I'm tired

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6130

Updated: 2019-10-31 22:33

"You know what, that time he came home, I was ready to tell him everything. My past, the reason I married him and to open up to him, but I was shocked when he told me he already knew the truth. So I expected the truth he was saying to be the real truth, but no, it's just another Joseph's lie. I thought he's changed, but I was wrong."

"And since you thought he has changed, you expect your relationship to go to another level."

I remained quiet and lowered my head.

"Sometimes we are the one who create our own heartbreaks through expectation. If you haven't learned to fall in love with him, do you think you will be hurt by his words and his judgements that he threw you?"

He asked lifting up my chin by his finger.

"What's the difference between his words before and his words now, has it changed?"

I shook my head.

"You're right, it hasn't changed. He's still telling you all those words and only your feelings towards him has changed. You're not hurt because he judged you, but because you're disappointed that he didn't return your feelings. You expect too much from the cares he showed you and you thought he will do the same as you do for him."

He paused and smiled at me but didn't reach into his eyes.

"What will I do now, control my feelings, will I prevent my heart from loving him? Bryan, I wish I could, but I don't know how."

"I didn't say that, Belle." He shook his head. "Yes, you can continue to love him and you can always hope, but never expect anything, because sometimes expectations lead to disappointment. And it's better to be surprised rather than disappointed."

After hearing the words expectations and disappointments, a decision suddenly came to my mind

"What if I just quit and stop all of this?"

He straightened his seat and looked at me, frowning.

"What do you mea

sked, glaring at him.

"I was just checking if you have a fever or you're just possessed."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I wanted to punch him but I couldn't help the smile that crept on my lips as I remembered the same scene a few weeks ago.

"Are you sure you really want to quit?"

I nodded.

"What made you decide to quit?"

"I told you because I'm tired." I shrugged.

"Liar! Your mind can deny it, but your heart cannot, Belle. I know that he's involved in your decision, but I want you to remember this, beg him to love you, because even if you do nothing, he will notice you and love you as you deserve. He will accept you for whoever you are and whatever the past you've had. You don't need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you completely."

"Ahh... that's a heart-touching message, Bryan. I didn't know you had in you." this time I give him the joke he gave me earlier.

"I'm serious, Yzabelle!" I just smiled when he playfully narrowed his eyes on me. "You will always have my back you know that, right?"

"I know and thank you for always being there and for everything that you've done for me." I stood up and hugged him on his waist. "Thank you, brother."

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