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   Chapter 59 Luck was not on her side

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10655

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Sophia's POV:

We are in an exclusive restaurant near Downtown Mall, having our lunch together when suddenly, a woman in her white dress stood in front of our table.

At first, I thought she was just one of the waitresses in the restaurant, but when I noticed Daniel's gaze on her, I slowly looked up only to be surprised to see my mother looking at me.


I gritted my teeth as I dropped the spoon hard on my plate.


I heard Daniel call me and even though I didn't speak, I knew he already knew who the woman was in front of us.

"Belle, can we please talk, Baby? Even for----"

"No!" I said sternly and stood up without looking at her.

"Baby, please? Even just for five minutes?"

"I said no!" This time I looked straight in her eyes. I saw the sadness and regrets on them but I chose to ignore them. I gulped and composed myself. "We have nothing to talk about, and just in case we have, you're already 16 years late for that, Mom!"

I didn't miss the look of surprise that written on her face when I mentioned the word 'Mom', but I immediately turned around.

"Sweetheart, let's go!" I took my bag and started walking towards the exit without looking back.

This time, I didn't see the next things happen behind me. I missed the way Daniel's face lit up when the word 'sweetheart' came out of my mouth. I also missed the way he grabbed my mother's hand when she tried to run and follow me out.

"Let me just talk to her, Mrs. Del Mundo." He said putting a calling card in her hand. "I'm Daniel Kelley, and I'm her husband."

Although she was shocked hearing the news, she still gave him a warm smile.

"Call me, I'm willing to listen to your story." He added that made her in tears.

"Thank you, son." She said wiping her face.

"Your welcome. I have to go Mrs. Del Mundo." And he was about to follow me when he heard my Mom's voice again.

"Thank you for loving her." He was stopped in his tracks and turned to her. "Thank you for loving my daughter, Daniel."

He just smiled at her and nodded before he followed me to his car.


"I thought you said you would to talk to her?"

The first question he asked me when he closed the door on the driver seat.

"I tried but I still can't." I said avoiding his eyes. Then I felt his hand on my knee but he didn't say a word. I just heard him sighed before starting the engine.

"You haven't t finish your meal, do you want us to stop in a Pizzeria?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? You haven't touched your food earlier---"

"I'm okay, thank you." I turned to smile at him.

But when I thought this day is over, then I was wrong. Because the moment we stopped at the red light, a familiar woman came to my sight.

"Layla Angeles!"

I didn't notice I mentioned it out loud that made him looked at me, confused. And my eyes widened as we moved.

"Who is Layla---"

"Stop the car!" I said removing my seatbelt.

"What do you mean stop the----"

"Stop the car, Daniel, please!" I couldn't help not to raise my voice.

He immediately stopped the car on the side of the road.

"Why did you want to stop the car?" He asked b

he way he asked me this time is different?

"Your ex-boyfriend or your ex-fiance?"

"He's not an important person----"

"Dammit, Sophia!" I flinched when he slammed his hands on the steering wheel. "Don't tell me he's not an important person to you, because I know it's not true! I saw how you cried for him almost every night! So answer my question, who is he to you?"

"He's my ex-fiance." I tried to answer him calmly.

"I knew it!"

"Daniel, it's not what you think." I held his arm and he looked at me clenching his jaws

"Why, what do you know what I'm thinking?"

"What is happening to you?" Instead, I asked, ignoring his previous question. "Are you jealous?"

He also ignored my question, but the kind of look he gave me almost made me shrink in my seat. I'm afraid to think he's back, the old Daniel Kelley I've met before.

I swallowed the knot that formed in my throat when he swatted my hand, so I have no choice but to put it back in my lap and turned my gaze on the road.

Since it's still early, people have to be seen on the side of the road, some are walking, giving flyers and brochures from different companies they work in, and some were just waiting ... waiting for their loved ones or perhaps waiting for an answer to their question like me. I'm waiting for his answer if he's jealous or if he's also in love with me.

It seems that luck was not on my side today, because so many things happened in just one day. First, my mom showed up again, secondly, I saw Layla. Yes, I finally found her, but nothing seems to have happened in my six years of searching for her. She said she doesn't remember the details of what happened before or maybe she doesn't want to help me... I don't know.

And above all, Daniel sudden outburst. I really wanted to tell him and explain the truth, but I don't want to risk what we have right now, and I'm not even sure what his reaction will be if he finds out the truth.

But there's something else happened today that I didn't notice. The card I had given to Layla earlier was not mine but to my husband... who has his office number and address.

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