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   Chapter 50 He's a good man

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8582

Updated: 2019-10-16 22:51

Sophia's POV:

I was so excited to go home to change clothes because Craig and I were going to watch a movie with some of our friends tonight.

But my excitement was replaced by annoyance when I couldn't open my bedroom door.

I tried to open it several times but it was locked. As far as I remember I didn't lock it this morning.

"Nanay Emily, do we have a spare key in my room?"  I ran to the kitchen and asked her as I felt the irritation slowly creeping inside me.

"Yes, we have, but why do you need a spare key?" She asked while removing her apron.

"My room was locked, Nanay Emily and I don't know how it happened. I need to take a shower because I have a girls night out tonight."

"Ohh, Anak I forgot to tell you this morning that we're going to transfer all your things into your husband's room."

I blinked my eyes rapidly. What did she say?

"Nanay Emily, I'm sorry but can you say it again?" I'm not sure if I heard it right.

"We already transferred all your things into your husband's room, Anak."

"What the hell?"

I suddenly chuckled in surprise and irritation.

"Wow! So he actually did what he said, to move my stuff into his room and for me sleep there?"

"I thought you already talked about this matter?"

I scrunched my face as I tapped my forehead in frustration.

"So what am I going to do now, to share a room with him or a bed with him? Forgodsake, what was he thinking? Argh! Daniel Kelley, I'm gonna chop your body into a thousand pieces!"

"And by the way, Anak about the spare keys.." She paused and I waited for her next words. "He placed them in a safe deposit box inside his room."

"Whoa! He put them in a safe box just to make sure I couldn't open my room?" My eyes turned wide in surprise. I can't believe he would really do such things. What a silly and wise idea, isn't it?

"Don't worry about your things, we already arranged them inside his walk-in cabinet, including your shoes and your guitar." She said, smiling at me.

"Do I have a choice?" I looked at her and reciprocate her smile but we both know it didn't reach my eyes. "Anyway, Nanay Emily, can you just tell my 'annoying husband' that I'm not going home tonight? I'm going out with my friends."

I brushed my hair with my fingers and walked past her but she called me again before I could even reach the door.


She walked closer to me and held my hands.

"Your husband is a good man. I was there when he was growing up and on his journey before he met you. He may be cold and annoying at times, but I can assure

wer than that. What do you think I'll do inside the bar? Sleep until morning?" I waited for him to laugh, but I noticed I was the only one laughing at my own joke. "And by the way, I'm not going home so don't bother yourself calling me again. Bye, sweetheart." I ended the call without waiting for his answer.


-'Hmmp! Sophia your face? How dare you not laugh at my joke?'-

I shrugged and grinned widely at my reflection on the mirror, only to be fade when I saw his name flashed on the screen again.

-'Ohh, goodness!'-

I sighed before swiping the answer button.

"What is it----"

"Sophia Kelley, if you don't come home now, I swear I'll drag you out of that bar and tie you up in bed for a week!"

But instead of feeling worried and scared, I just laughed at him and didn't take his words seriously.

"Oh, I'm scared, sweetheart."

"Then expect me within 20 minutes!"

"Okay, I'll just wait for you here." And I ended the call again. "I don't care if you run your ass here!"

I checked my dress and makeup before deciding to go back to the dance floor.

I saw Ben when I opened the door.

"Here's your phone." I said giving it to him.

"Ma'am Sophia---"

"No, Ben!" I cut him off, shaking my head. I know what he was about to say. "We are not going home!"

"But ma'am---"

"You can go home if you want, but I'm not going with you." I walked past him and headed straight to our booth.

And because of the loud music that piercing through our ears, I didn't hear what he said behind me.

"Holy mother of God! Why did you give me such a stubborn couple for a boss? What did I do, holy God?" He said following behind me while scratching the back of his neck.

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