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   Chapter 46 Denial

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7105

Updated: 2019-10-07 22:22

I was eating my dessert when Daniel suddenly received a call. He excused himself to answer his phone so I was left alone in our table.

I tried to look around hoping to see some acquaintance, but my eyes found not just a simple acquaintance but an evil one.

How long has he been sitting there? Has he been watching me since I entered the restaurant?

I accidentally dropped my spoon when he lifted his wine glass and smirked at me.

"Ma'am Sophia, are you okay?" Ben asked as he picked up the spoon on the floor and asked another one from the waiter who served my food earlier.

"Joseph. Joseph De Lucca." I muttered unconsciously, staring at the man who still had a wicked grin on his face.

"Who's Joseph De Lucca?"

I gasped when I heard Daniel's voice from behind.

-'How did he hear that? Did I say it out loud?'-

"Who is that Joseph De Lucca that you mentioned?" He asked sitting back in his chair.

"Huh?" I gulped as I don't know how to answer him.

I tried to look back at where I had seen Joseph sitting before Daniel came back, but I was surprised he was not there anymore and he is nowhere to be seen again.

"You look pale, are you okay?"

"Yeah, don't mind me." I drank the remaining wine in my glass and stood up immediately.

"Are you done eating?" He asked taking his wallet.

I just nodded while getting my wallet inside my bag. He frowned when he noticed my action.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting money to pay for what I ate."

"You don't need to do that, I'll pay for everything we've ordered."

I didn't argue with him and put my wallet back inside my bag.


"You haven't answered my question, Sophia. Who is Joseph De Lucca?"

He asked me when we were inside his car. I don't know why he insisted taking me to the studio. It was his first time doing it.

"He's just a part of my past." I sighed turning my eyes outside the window.

"Is he your ex-boyfriend?"

I leaned on my seat and answered his question without looking at him.


"Then who is he?" I flinched when he suddenly raised his voice.

"I told you, h

ght and you're there, so you know what I'm talking about."

"Uhuh, and I also witnessed how many times he kissed you that night."

"Haha... what are you talking about? He only kissed me twice!"

"Ahh... really? So how about the way he looked at you while you're holding baby Jona, can you explain it to me?"

I sighed loudly shaking my head.

"Craig, can we just get over with this conversation? It doesn't make sense anymore." I exclaimed avoiding his gaze and open my laptop.

"Ohh... why are you always avoiding this topic, Sophia?" He sat down in front of my desk. "Are you afraid?"

"Afraid of what?"

"Afraid of admitting that you're starting to have feelings for your husband?"

My head snapped at him and he smirked.

"I'm sorry but you're wrong, I have nothing to admit because I don't have feelings for him."

"Hmm... okay, as you say so." He shrugged still having the grin on his lips.

He stood up and walked towards the door. But when I thought he was going to open the door, he turned to me and then suddenly sang.

"I didn't wanna fall in love with you, I didn't wanna know the things I knew, it wasn't 'till I looked into the mirror... Denial.. ohh..."

('Denial' by Sugarbabes)

I formed my fists and threw him the ballpen that I first picked up on my desk, but it just landed on the floor. He left the room laughing as continued his song.

-'Denial your face! Argh!'-

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