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   Chapter 44 Layla

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Sophia's POV:

The moment we heard the sounds of the bell outside the church, Gelo and his bandmates behind me started to play their instruments.

Rian and Alex requested me to become their wedding singer, and I gladly accepted it as one of my gift to this very important day of their lives.

And when I saw their best man, my husband), started to walk towards the altar, that's our cue to start the song.

**On this day, I promise forever. On this day, I surrender my heart. Here we stand, like I planned, Please say you'll always look at me this way, like on this day...**

The song ended when both Alex and Rian were exactly right in front of the altar.

I can feel my husband's stares the song started even during the ceremony, but I just pretended oblivious and tried not to look in his direction.

It's kinda awkward but I have no choice so I just focused my eyes in front of the altar.

At the end of the ceremony, we all followed the couple out of the church.

I was walking along with Craig and Gavin when someone grabbed my hand from behind. I turned around to see Daniel wearing his signature smirk.

He intertwined our hands as we walked towards the entrance. I noticed Craig and Gavin whispering next to me and I raised my eyebrow at them.

"Sweet." They giggled after speaking in unison.

I took a deep breath and decided to ignore them.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

Everyone was cheering around when Alex and Rian finally reached their car. But before Alex can open the door, Rian turned her heels and search something from the crowd.

But what I didn't know, she's actually searching for someone, and she grinned when our eyes met. Alex hold her hand when she started walking towards my direction.

I can't help furrowing my eyebrows when she held my hands and gave me her bridal bouquet.


My eyes widened in confusion but she just smiled at me. Alex patted Daniel's shoulder who have the same expression as me, surprised and confused.

"Alla mia bellissima sorella e amica, ora ti sto passando la corona."

I was surprised when she spoke Italian, but it immediately turned to confusion when I realized what she had said.

"What did you say?" but before I could open my mouth, Daniel asked her. His brows almost knitted in one line.

"To my beautiful sister and friend, I am now passing the crown to you." She also translated it in english before rolling her eyes to her brother.

I hugged them both before we let Alex took her hand and walked back towards the car.

If I had just been in a different situation, I would probably be glad as she gave me her bridal bouquet, but no, because I'm stuck in an agreement that doesn't allow me to dream and feel more than I should.

This is the real

el eyes.

"They will bring the baby when Rian has moved into her room."

Everyone was excited to see the new member of the family. We were all waiting inside Rian's room with a smile on our lips. But I still can't shake the disappointment as I remember what happened earlier.

But what I didn't know, Daniel was studying my every move since earlier and he's starting to get confused about what happened.

They all cheered when a nurse came inside with the baby in her arms. She gave it to Rian who's really excited to hold her baby. And I also couldn't help but shed tears when I saw how happy they were while holding their angel.

I was about to wipe them when Daniel did it for me.

"I don't know why you're crying, it's just a baby." He said wiping my face with his both thumb.

"Belle, Dani." We both turned when we heard his sister's voice. "Do you want to hold my baby?" She asked smiling.


I shook my head and smirked when Daniel's face turned pale.

"Tsk.tsk. sweetheart, it's just a baby." and I pulled him towards Rian's bed.

"Here." Rian gave me little baby and I excitedly get it from her hands.

"What's her name?" I asked playing with her cute hand.

"Joanna Angela, but Jona is her nickname."

"Wow! She so beautiful. Hi, baby Jona." I smiled and kissed her forehead. But that smile immediately fades when I realized I didn't really belong to their family.

Maybe Rian noticed my reaction as she patted my arm and shook her head.

I just gave her a half-hearted smile.

"Let's take a group picture!"

Craig exclaimed aiming his phone camera on us, while Gavin pushed Daniel closer to me.

"Okay, say cheese in one...two...three..."

At first, I couldn't understand what was happening, but when I noticed the kind of smile of everyone else in the room, I finally understood everything.

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