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   Chapter 43 No kiss, No phone

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9159

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Wow! Am I seeing a Goddess?"

"Andrew." I smiled at him when I saw him walking towards me.

I have just arrived at the parking lot of Kelley's Mansion.

"Oops! What a nice car! You don't like purple too much, do you?" He chuckled while shaking his head.

"Yeah, I do, but about this car, you just better ask your friend and not me."

I shrugged and leave him speechless in the parking lot.

I immediately saw Rian and Alex as I entered the house. Rian is playing with Dino while Alex is standing behind her with his hand on her round belly.

"Aunt Belle!" A wide smile crept on my lips when Dino saw me approaching. He run towards me and hugged my waist.

"Hi, did you miss, Auntie?" I asked kissing both of his cheeks.

"Yes, Aunt Belle." He said giggling and took my hand as we walked towards his parents' seats.

"Hi, Belle, why are you alone? Where's my big brother?" Rian asked as we hugged each other.

"Maybe he's still in the office, " I said giving her an awkward smile.

These past few days, I've noticed that Daniel seems to have changed the way he treats me. In fact, I really can't remember when he started talking to me nicely without raising his voice or even throwing unnerving insults.

"Hi, kids, how are you?"

We all turned to my parents-in-law when they suddenly came yo our view. We all greeted and congratulated them their long and going strong relationship.

"Thank you, kids, you know we can't reach this stage without you." Mom said hugging us one by one. "By the way, where is Daniel, the party is about to start but he's still not coming?" She looked at me but I was saved by the bell when Andrew answered behind me.

"Aunt Sonia, he is still in a meeting with the company's new partners."

"Oh, my God, honey." She sighed gazing up at her husband. "Why does he always put business first before family? What if his wife get pregnant?"

My eyes widened with her question.

"What if they're going to have a baby, how can he----"

I silently thank God when she didn't finish her question as Andrew suddenly choked on his drinks behind me.

"Oops! I'm sorry." He said moving his eyes at us one by one.

"Why Andrew, do you have a problem if Sophia gets pregnant with my son?"

I can feel my face turned into a thousand shades of tomato when all their eyes turned to me.

"Of course, not Auntie. I am actually excited to be a Godfather when that happens."

For heaven sake, how I wish the ground to open up and swallow me whole.

The awkward conversation continued until it's time to start the party. Mom took Craig and Gavin to become the host of the party.

We were seated at the same table as my parents-in-law and there's a vacant seat next to me for my husband that

g kiss that shows jealousy and possession.

"Now tell me, cousin, do you believe me now that she's my wife?" He asked glaring at him.

"Hey, is everything okay here, boys?"

I sighed inwardly when Dad and Mom came to our view.

"Of course, Mom." Daniel answered smiling before he looked back at his cousin. "My cousin couldn't believe that I was already married, so I showed him. I kissed my wife for him to believe me." He shrugged and pulled me to him.

"Okay, that's enough. All eyes are now on you, kids so better go back to your seats." Dad said studying his son and his nephew's expression.

"I'm sorry, Dad." I bite my bottom lip and smiled awkwardly to them.

He shook his head and patted my shoulder. "Why are you saying sorry, Sophie? It's not your fault to be beautiful tonight, your husband is just jealous." He winked at me.

"Dad!" Daniel exclaimed.

"What? I was just telling my observation." Dad said shrugging his shoulders.


The only word I heard from him before he pulled my hand back to our seats.

"Can I now get my phone back?" I asked when were seated.

"No." He frowned.

I took a deep breath. I guess I have no choice.

"Please, sweetheart?" His eyes widened when I put my hand on his chest and smiled at him sweetly.

He straightened his seat. "Do you want me to return your phone?"

I nodded.

"Then, kiss me." And he pointed his lips that made me huffed and removed my hand from holding him.

"Haha... no way!" I crossed my eyes over my chest.

He chuckled causing everyone to focus their attention on us, but we remained unaware of their stares.

"Okay." He shrugged. "No kiss, no phone."

I just rolled my eyes.

-'Hmmph! I'm sure you'll return it to me later. Anyway, I'm not waiting for any important calls tonight so I'll just wait for it.'-

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