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   Chapter 41 Strange

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Sophia's POV:

I can't help but raise an eyebrow when I saw Daniel inside the kitchen counter the next morning. I checked the time and it's already 9:00 am but he's still in the house.

His back is facing me but I know he's cooking based on the delicious aroma that fills my nostrils.

I put my guitar on top of the table and walked towards the coffee maker pretending he wasn't there.

"Do you want some pancakes?"

I was suddenly stopped when I heard his question. But because I wasn't sure if that question was for me, I didn't turn around and continue what I was doing.

But he spoke again.

"I cooked chocolate pancakes with maple syrup."

I looked around to see if there was anyone else in the kitchen beside us that he was talking to, but it was just the two of us. And then I noticed that he was looking at me.

"It's best for your coffee."

-'Is he really talking to me?'- I asked myself while confusedly looking at him.

He removed his apron and placed the pancake plate in front of me over the counter.

"By the way, Mom is inviting us this Sunday to the mansion for their 28th wedding anniversary."

"Hmm... Okay." I nodded before getting another plate.

I can feel his stares but I just pretended I didn't notice them.

"Have you used your car yet?"

My mouth slightly opened as I glanced back at him.

"Yes, we already used it yesterday." I sighed. "Ben said you personally called the manufacturer to customize the color as well as the interior."



"Because you said it's your favorite color."

"But why did you do that? You know I wasn't asking anything from you, especially a customized car."

"I know, just accept it, it's just a car."

I was left shocked and speechless with his words. Is he the same Daniel I married a few months ago?

"Are you just going to stand there and stared at me the whole day, sweetheart?" He smirked.

"Huh?" I blinked my eyes and avoided his gaze. "Of course, not!" I said stirring my coffee.

"Be here at six pm, we're going out tonight."

"Where are we going?" I asked confused.

"We're going on a date."

"What?" My eyes widened in shock.

"One of my business colleagues invited me on his oldest son's birthday."

I can't help but chuckle. "I didn't know you were attending a kid's party too."

"Yeah, sometimes when I just want to."

My eyebrow raised at the kind of conversation we have right now. I couldn't believe he wasn't yelling or even raising his voice at me.


Sophia's Dance Studio...after lunch.

"Oh, my God, girl! You have a package!"

Craig squealed peeking on my office door.

"What package?" I asked not looking at him but to the computer screen.


He showed me the bouquet of red roses in his hands.

"Flowers?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Yup! Beautiful flowers!"

"Are you sure that's for me?"

"Of course, is there any other 'Sophia Yzabelle' in this studio?"

"But who sent that?"

"I don't know, there's no name on the card just an initials." He shrugged and put the flowers on my desk.

I checked the card and he was right, there was no sender's name written on it only two initials. 'T.M.'

**Life is short, smile while you have teeth.**

I can't help but laugh at the saying but it was instantly with frown when I read again the two letters

"T.M.? Who's that?" I asked myself loudly.

"Touch Mobile!"

My head snapped at Craig and he gave me shrugged.

''I'm just trying to give you an answer."

"Touch mobile? Haha... funny!"

But after a few seconds we just found ourselves laughing inside my office.

"But seriously, who would send me flowers?"

"Maybe that's from your secret admirer."

"From my secret admirer? What am I, a teenager?"

"Oh, come on, girl, that's just flowers! Don't you think you're lucky that someone gave you flowers, while I've been dreaming almost all my life that someone would also give me something like that, but until now it remains a dream." He said faking his tears.

"You're overreacting, girl! You can take it if you want." I said rolling my eyes.

"Are you sure?" His face lightened.

"Yes, and if you want you can also bring them home."

"Thank you."

I just shook my head when he excitedly took it run towards the door.


Daniel took my hand the moment we came out of the car and towards the venue of the party.

"How old is the birthday celebrant?" I asked when we were just a few meters from the entrance.

"Sixteen years old." He replied looking down at me.

He suddenly released my hand and I gulped when he put his palm on my lower back.


sweetheart, we don't know if there are paparazzi inside." He whispered and pulled me closer to him.

I was about to speak when someone called his name.


"Robert, how are you?"

He removed his hand from my back to hug the man he called Robert.

"How's your business young man? I heard your company was recognized as the top-grossing company in California, congratulations!"

"Thank you, Robert." He accepted his hand.

"Anyway, may I know who is this beautiful lady next to you, young man? Is she your girlfriend?"

Daniel pulled me by my waist and to my surprise, he kissed my forehead.

"Robert, I want you to meet my wife, Mrs. Sophia Kelley." He said proudly and winked at me.

"What the fuck! You're kidding, young man!" Robert's eyes widened in surprise.

"I'm not kidding, Robert. She's my wife." He chuckled as he took my hand and showed both our rings to the man in front of us.

"Whoa! But why didn't you invite me?"

"It's a long story, man. But don't worry, I promise to invite you to our second wedding."

My head snapped at him after I heard what he said.

-'Second wedding? What the fuck was he saying?'-

"Oh, man I can see how you were smitten with the beauty of this young lady here, huh?" He patted Daniel's shoulder.

"Sweetheart, this is Robert Peterson, the grandfather of the celebrant."

"Nice to meet you, Sir." I smiled and offered my hand for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you too, lovely Mrs. Kelley who captured the heart of my friend."

He said and was about to kiss my cheek when Daniel put his hand on my face. We're both surprised and turned to him.

"I'm sorry, buddy, but I'm not allowing any man to kiss my wife."

"What the fuck, man! I didn't know you're a possessive type?"

"Oh, yes I am. I'm a very possessive and territorial to what is mine." I gasped when he pulled me to his chest.

I know he was just playing around but why do I feel there's something strange in him lately... first, he bought me a car, but take note ... it's a customized car, second, he cooked for me, third, he's talking to me without raising his voice, and now he mentions about the second wedding. Forgodsake! What's next?

"Let's go, inside?"

"Huh? Ahm... yeah, let's go inside." I sighed inwardly when I felt his hand again on my lower back.

He introduced me to some of the businessmen inside. Almost everyone was shocked when he told them he's already married, but I was more surprised by the number of businessmen in the venue that those of the same age of the celebrant.

"I thought it's a party of a sixteen years old young man, but why does it seem like his parents have more businessman guests than him?" I whispered tugging his sleeves when we were finally seated.

He put his arm around my seat and shifted himself closer to me.

"It's because they wanted their son to meet some prominent businessmen while he's still young. They wanted him to get used to their world, so once he starts running their business he will have no difficulty in adjusting."

I chuckled shaking my head.

"Wow! Seriously, at that very young age? Shouldn't they just letting him enjoy first his youth and support him for whatever he wants in life?"

"Well, we can't do anything about that, sweetheart that's what his parents want." He shrugged and because I was too busy thinking about the young man's situation, I didn't notice the endearment he used.

"That won't happen to my son, or to any of my children, because I will support them in whatever they want to be when they grow up."

I said smiling while looking at his shoulder. Actually, I was just telling it to myself but I didn't notice I said it out loud.

"Don't worry, we won't let that happen, sweetheart."

"Huh?" I asked him confused.

His lips curled up into smirked but didn't say anything. I raised my eyebrow when he just shook his head.

"Excuse me, Sir, Maam."

We both turned to the man who called our attention.

"I am JV, hired photographer of the venue, can I take a picture you?"


"Sure." My head snapped at Daniel who cut me off smiling.

"Okay, Ma'am, Sir, look at the camera and at the count one, two, three... smile!"

"Thank you, Sir---"

"Can we also have a copy?"

"Yes, Sir I'll be back after 15 minutes."

I can't help not to ask him when the photographer was finally out of our sight.

"Why do you want to have a copy of our picture?"

He shrugged. "For souvenir."

I was left confused. "Souvenir?"

"Because this is our------"

"Hi, Daniel."

He didn't finish what he was about to say when a very familiar woman called his name and took a seat in front of us.


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