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   Chapter 40 Your wife is a strong woman

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6642

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Daniel's POV:

"Dude, isn't that Sophia?"

I raised my eyebrow when Andrew pointed behind me. It was just five minutes after our meeting with the representative of Asian Industries.

"Fuck you, Andrew!" I said glaring at him and took my phone completely ignoring him.

"Hey, I'm serious, dude! She's with Nanay Emily."

"I'll kill you if you're just playing me around!" O warned him still not looking behind.

He chuckled at me. "Then kill me, but try to look behind you before you do that."

I sighed and followed his gaze just to be surprised when I saw her pulling Nanay Emily's hand away from the entrance. And I frowned when suddenly the woman in her middle fifties followed them outside.

Andrew and I shared a look before we stood up and immediately run towards the restaurant. And then I heard the woman called her by her second name. But what surprised me when she turned around and snapped at the woman.

"Yzabelle, please baby?"

-'Baby? Why is she calling her baby?'- I asked myself as I continued to watch them.

"Don't call me 'baby' because I am not your daughter!"

"But I am your mother, Belle." The woman said trying to hold her hand.

I was stunned upon hearing those words from the woman.

"Ohh!" Andrew's reaction who's just standing next to me.

"Mother?" She repeat glaring at her. "Don't you ever mention that again because you don't know what the word 'mother' means!" She said through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry, my Belle, please forgive me."

"What did you say, I'm sorry and forgive you?" She wiped her tears and chuckled, but I know it's fake as it didn't reach her ears.

I don't know why I felt something strange inside me when I saw her in tears. It's like telling me to run to her side and hug her. But I shake that feeling when I noticed Andrew staring at me.

"What?" I asked him confused.

"Nothing." He just shrugged and looked back at the scene in front of us.

"Please let me explain?"

"I don't need your expl

the stain of dry tears that still on her face. I really wanted to tell Nanay Emily that I saw them at the mall earlier, but I changed my mind and decided to pretend I didn't know it.

"Can you bring her to her room?"

I nodded before bending down and gently lifted her up in bridal style.

"Thank you, Anak."

She said walking ahead towards the stairs. She opened the door for me and waited until I put Sophia on the bed.

"Being abandoned or given up by your own mother is the most devastating emotion a child could ever feel."

I looked at her as she put the blanket up to Sophia's chest.

"But of course, we can't judge her mother because we still don't know the whole story."

She sighed.

"I believe she only said those things to her mother because she was hurt and still hurting until now."

Then she glanced at me.

"But as I can see, you're wife is a strong woman, Daniel."

She said walking towards me.

"Is it okay if I'll go ahead?"

"Yeah, it's okay." I sighed and put my hands inside my pockets.

She patted my shoulder before exiting the room.

I don't know what to think while watching her sleep. It's really a surprise to me seeing her like that earlier. Until now it still puzzles me why she agreed to marry me. Is it because of her mother? Is she just rebelling against her?

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