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   Chapter 36 Mrs. Kelley

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6999

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The search for Francine and Dino took almost a week, until I received a call from Bryan about the location of Francine's car.

I was just so annoyed that Daniel didn't leave my side as I talked to Bryan. He wanted to listen to our conversation so I spoke Italian so he couldn't understand.

But a piece of bad news faced us all after that call. Francine's car finally found in San Bernardino City, almost one hour of drive from Los Angeles. We all rushed to where her car was found but there's were all met with shock and panic when we arrived at the place.

Dino and Francine met an accident based on the car's condition. We called the police department closest to the area, but they said the people involved in the accident have been rushed to the nearest hospital.

Alex suddenly punched the hood of his car but Daniel was fast to stop him. I immediately hugged Rian as she was also shaking in panic and gave her a bottle of water.

When they were both calm, we rushed to the nearest hospital to find out the condition of the child. Daniel and I went back into being quiet again when we got back inside the car until we reached the hospital.

"Miss, where can we find the patient named Dino Joshua Imperial?" I asked the nurse in the reception area.

"May I know what's your relationship to the patient, Ma'am?"

I turned to them and Alex answered the nurse's question.

"I'm his father!"

"Patient Imperial is still in the emergency room, Sir." she politely said and pointed the way to the emergency room.

"Thank you, Miss." Rian and I said in unison. We shared a look and even though we didn't speak, we had only one thing in mind. We both know that none of the man will say that simple word.

When we reached the emergency room, the hospital staff didn't allow us to go inside, so we had no choice but to wait outside with some relatives of the patients inside the emergency room.


I glanced at Rian who patted her husband's shoulder.

"He will be okay." She said as she took a seat next to him.

"I'm sorry, baby." Alex took her hands.

"For what?"

ed to Dino's sleeping figure.

"I have a suggestion." They all turned to me. "Maybe Alex and Dino can take another DNA test. You can use----"

"And what for? We already know that his not the real father of the child?"

I arched my eyebrow when Daniel cut me off.

"Well, Mr. Kelley if you want to know my reason, then let me finish my statement!" I said looking at him seriously. "Yes, we already know that he's not Alex's child, but since he has no other relatives maybe they can file a petition for adoption."

"Well, she has a point there." Dani said turning to them.

"I always have a point, Mr. Kelley." I said raising mu eyebrow.

"Not all the time, Mrs. Kelley."

I was surprised by hearing the words 'Mrs. Kelley'. It was the first time he had called me by that name. I gulped as I stared right through his eyes. He stared back at me and we missed the sharing of looks of the couple inside the room. We were just pulled back into our world when we heard Dino's cry.

"Mommy.. where are we going? huhu.."

We all rushed to him as he turning his head from side to side.

"Oh my God! I'm gonna call a doctor!" I said and was about to run towards the door when Daniel pulled my arm.

"No, stay here. I'll call the doctor."

I was left speechless until he disappeared from our sight. Rian gave me a smirk but I just rolled my eyes. I already know what she's thinking.

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