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   Chapter 31 It's Him

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6577

Updated: 2019-09-26 19:01

Forty-five minutes have passed since I left Daniel's office but until now I'm still on the road and stuck in the traffic. I've been checking my wristwatch for the 6th times as I can also feel my stomach growls.

As the traffic finally moved, I thought of going to a restaurant to eat lunch before I go back to the studio. I pulled over in front of an Italian restaurant and immediately run inside.

I was enjoying my favorite Pizza Margherita and Lasagna Bolognese when there's someone who suddenly sat in front of me. And because I was so hungry, I continued eating without paying attention to who it was.

Until I heard his very familiar voice. The voice I never wanted to hear again. I slowly glanced up to the owner of that voice and goosebumps instantly crept all over my body. It's him.

Joseph De Luca.

The person I've been avoiding for six years, who gave me endless nightmares at night, ruined my relationship with Dad, ruined my reputation and ruined everything I have, is now sitting in front of me.

"Come stai, la mia bella Yzabelle? It sono mancato?" (How are you, my beautiful Yzabelle? Did you miss me?)

"Che ci fai qui e che cazzo vuoi da me?" (What are you doing here and what the fuck do you want from me?) I asked him clenching my teeth.

"Oh, more mio, è cosi che apprezzi la mia presenza?" (Oh, my love, is this how you appreciate my presence?) He smirked at me and leaned on his seat.

I glared at him and dropped my spoon loudly over the table ignoring the gaze of other customers inside the restaurant.

"Stai lontano da me e non chiamarmi mai amore! Sei un disgustoso bastardo!" (Stay away from me and never call me love! You're a disgusting bastard!)

But he just chuckled and leaned forward bringing his face closer to me.

"Rilassati Belle, voglio solo dirti che sono ancora pazzo di ti. Voglio ancora assaggiarti, toccarti e renderti mio." (Relax Belle, I just want to tell you that I'm still crazy about you. I still

nd almost ran in the parking lot to get faster to my car. My heart was pounding inside my chest when searched for Bryan's number while starting the engine.

"Fucking shit, Bryan! Where are you?"

I slammed my hand on the steering wheel. I've been calling him for almost five minutes but my calls were always going to his voicemail.

I removed my earphone and tossed it inside my bag. I just decided to call him later. But for now, I need to get away from here and to make sure that Joseph is not following me. I looked at the rearview mirror and checked if there was a suspicious car behind, but noticing no one was following me, I drove fast just to get home immediately.


I went straight to my room when I got home and tried again to call Bryan's number. When he picked up the call, I told him what happened and he advised me to stay home and insisted on getting a personal bodyguard for me despite my refusal.

I also called Craig and informed him that I needed to stay home because of what happened earlier at the restaurant. I will wait for Bryan's hired bodyguard first because it's alarming now to think that I might possible to see and meet Joseph in any corner of Los Angeles.

So I stayed at home all day and did nothing but listen to music and watch Tv.

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