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   Chapter 29 Alex's accident

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Sophia's POV:

It's been thirty minutes since I called Alex and told him that we already know where his wife is. Bryan called me this morning confirming Rian's location.

The moment I ended the call, I suddenly felt anxious as if I was feeling something was going wrong.

I sighed and tried to shake off those thoughts. I sat down on the couch and continued listening to the music of Madilyn Bailey.

Another thirty minutes passed but the uncomfortable feeling still bothers me, so I decided to go to the kitchen to prepare something for lunch. I found Nanay Emily in the kitchen counter and glanced at what she was cooking.

"Hi, Nanay Emily." I greeted her, smiling as the delicious aroma of the food she was cooking filled my nostrils. "What are you cooking?"

"I'm cooking menudo, Anak. Your husband asked me this morning to cook his favorite dish for lunch."

"He asked that for his lunch?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. "He didn't go to work?"

"No, he said he'll wait for an update about Rian."

"Ohh..." I said nodding. I bite my lips when I realized I haven't told him yet that we already know about his sister's location.

"By the way, he's in the gym, do you want to talk to him?"

I looked at her smiling face and shook my head.

"I'll just send him a message, Nanay."

She suddenly chuckled. "Why do you have to send him a message if you can go directly to the gym and talk to him?"

I just smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders. The truth is, I don't want to talk to him as I still remember what he did yesterday at Alex's house in front of his parents. He acted like a jealous and possessive husband to me.

I took my phone and began to type the message I wanted to tell him.

I didn't wait for his reply and put the earphones back to my ears. Well, I'm honestly not expecting any response from him.

I opened the fridge and took all the ingredients I need for my fried chicken recipe.

-'If he has Menudo, then I have fried chicken.'-

I was swaying my hips and enjoying the 'Happy Song' of Pharrell Williams while cooking my delicious fried chicken when I noticed someone's watching me from behind. I turned around to see my arrogant husband standing at the door with his hands on his pockets and watching me move inside the counter.

I just ignored him and continued dancing while singing the song lyrics.

"What are you cooking?"

I jumped in shock when I suddenly heard his voice behind me. I looked at him raising my eyebrow. I really wanted to say...'none of your business'

ook away and turned my eyes outside the window.

We rushed towards the emergency entrance when I received Rian's call. I was about to complain when Daniel grabbed my hand but I realized we're in the public so I just let him intertwined our fingers as we run towards the entrance and even when we were inside.

Soon after almost three hours of waiting, the doctor finally came out from the operating room. We all muttered a silent prayer when he said Alex was now safe but he still needs to be observed because of the rib fracture he got from the accident.

Rian was the first to be allowed inside when he finally transferred to the ICU, so we were all left outside.

I bit my lip as I saw all the seats were occupied. I passed by them and intend to just stand in the corner when my hand was suddenly pulled. I yelped when my butt landed on my husband's lap.

"Forgodsake, Daniel----"

I didn't finish my sentence when he gave me a quick kiss on my lips. I was shocked and left speechless when he pulled me to his chest and encircled his arms around my waist.

I caught Rian's gaze which I didn't notice coming out of the ICU. I tried to take off his hands and stand up as I noticed almost all eyes were on us at that moment.

"Stay still!" He whispered to my ear hugging me tightly and put his head on my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" I whispered back.

"They were looking at us."

I sneered looking at the side of his face.

"As if they didn't know our situation!"

"Just stay seated if you don't want me to kiss you in front of them!"

I gulped and keep my mouth sealed as I looked straight to the ICU's door, ignoring the strange feeling inside my stomach.

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