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   Chapter 28 What is happening to him

Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9016

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"Craig, can you please reschedule my appointment with Mrs. Graughan?" I said giving him my laptop.

"But why?" He asked me frowning.

"We just had an emergency at home, Rian is missing."

"Oh, my gosh! But why, what happened?"

I sighed and started to tell him what happened. I can't help but think how hurt Rian must have been when she heard that information. She loved Alex so much that she never thought to forget him and turn her love to someone else.

"Forgodsake! I thought he loved Rian, how could he do that?" He exclaimed balling his fists.

"Well, Alex is still unsure if it's his child or not."

"What the fuck, he's still unsure? He fucked the child's mother and now he's saying he's not yet sure if the poor kid was his?"

"Craig, that's not what we're thinking right now. We need to find Rian, she's pregnant and too much stress is not healthy for the baby."

"Well, have you called the police to report that she's missing?"

"No, we still have to wait 24 hours because they couldn't do anything either, they have protocols to follow."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot."

"Anyway, I have to go, I need to be there when they found Rian."

"Okay, don't worry about your appointments for today, I'll handle them."

"Thanks Craig." I said kissing his cheek before I get my bag and walked towards the door.


"Oh, God! Where is my daughter, Alex?"

That's the first question of my mother-in-law when they also rushed to Alex's house.

"Have you already reported this to the police?" Mrs. Smith asked his son.

I was listening to their conversation when I felt a hand on my lower back. I furrowed my eyebrows when I glanced at Daniel.

I gasped when he pulled me closer to him.

"What are you doing?" I asked him almost a whisper but he didn't answer my question, instead he pulled me in front of him and from behind he encircled his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder.

I gulped when I felt goosebumps behind my neck and shivers down my spine. I wonder what's going on in his head right now that he has to act like this. I tried to remove his hands, but he only tightened his hold around my waist. I sighed as I silently wish I could kill him in front of his parents.

"Honey, the police can't help us at this time because our daughter was not more than 24 hours missing."

"So you mean to say we have to wait twenty-four hours before they help us find my baby?"

I bite my lips when Mom snapped at Dad. No one can blame her for being sensitive and emotional right now. She's been crying the whole time since she received the news, especially when she heard that Rian is pregnant.

"Mom, please calm down, w

his shoulder.

"Thank you." He said giving me a half-hearted smile.

They all greeted him and even sang 'happy birthday' just to cheer him up.

I watched them one by one while they were singing but then I suddenly realized that we haven't called yet all Rian's bandmates.

I called them but we were just disappointed to know that she's not also with them.

"Thank you, Jordan."

"Who's that Jordan?"

I was shocked when I heard Daniel's growl behind me the moment I ended the call. I looked at him raising my eyebrow.

-'No, don't mind him, Sophia. Just think that you didn't hear him and he doesn't exist.'-

I ignored him and walked towards the couch but keep on asking myself.

-'What's happening to him? Huh! He's just proving me how bipolar he is.'-

"That was Jordan, one of her band member." I said turning to Alex.

"What did he say?"

"She's not with them, but I'll try to call Gelo. He's the closest to Rian."

But when I tried to call his number, he didn't pick up and it soon goes to his voicemail.

"Maybe he's busy?" I said trying to call him again but I sighed when it also goes to his voicemail.

"Or maybe he's just sleeping." Cari added, Rian's other best friend

"Yeah, I agree with her." It's Gavin who stood up and walked towards me, but to my surprise I was suddenly pulled behind and a strong and muscled arm encircled my waist.

Gavin looked at me with wide eyes but didn't say anything. I didn't miss the exchange of glances of everyone who witnessed what Daniel had done.

I looked at the man whose arm was still on my waist. He stared back at me his eyes full of different emotions I couldn't understand.

I am wondering what's happening to him. He suddenly became possessive and he seemed to be jealous of the men I was talking to.

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