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   Chapter 20 Empty-headed

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Daniel's POV:

"Fuck! How dare you, woman!" I punched the water and screamed in her retreating back.

I climbed up on the edge of the pool clenching my jaws as I didn't expect her to do that.

"Daniel, you're drenched, what happened to you?" asked by Tatay Berto when he saw me entering the living room. "Did you just swim fully clothed?"

"We saw Sophia in her swimsuit earlier, did you join her in the pool?" I took a deep breath and tried to smile with Nanay Emily's question.

"But Sophia seemed happy when she passed by a few minutes ago. Did you two swim together?" Tatay Berto asked again.

"No, she pushed me." I said scrunching my face.

-'The nerve of that woman, I swear to give her a taste of her own medicine.'-

"What did you mean she pushed you?" They asked me in unison.

"My wife pushed me into the pool." I answered balling my fists as I remembered how she left me drenched in the middle of the water.

I gained the same reaction from them as they both gave me a humorous laugh.

"Why did she push you, did you do something?" Nanay Emily asked me raising her eyebrow.

"I didn't do anything, she's just a piece of a brat!" I snarled brushing my hair up. "I'll just change my clothes."

I didn't wait for their response and run upstairs thinking how would I give Sophia a lesson for this.

-'It's not my fault seeing her body, she should have thanked me for appreciating her curves instead of pushing me to the water.'-

The image of her on that gray swimsuit appeared in my head the moment I stepped inside my room. I was not a Saint, I was just an ordinary man who can be easily affected by a woman who's just wearing a piece of cloth in front of me. A piece of cloth that shows all of her curves, flawless skin, creamy white legs, perfect shaped boobs and her rounded ass.

"Jesus Christ!"

I groaned running quickly inside the bathroom. I will need a long and cold shower to take her image out of my head for the whole night or even for the whole week.

"Argh! This can't go on like this!"


Sophia's POV:

I peeked out my head first before I come out to check if Daniel was not waiting for me outside of the door. And when I was sure he wasn't there, I opened it and headed straight to the kitchen carrying Pussy in my arms.

But as soon as we reached the kitchen, I frowned when I saw Daniel cooking inside the counter instead of Nanay Emily.

-'I think I should push him more often to the swimming pool'-

And I was about to step back in the living room when I heard his voice behind me.

"Where are you going?"

I put Pussy on the floor before I turned around to see him having a deep scowl on his face.

I smirked.

"Hmm.. I'm going to find a faster way on how to get to the moon, do you want to come with me?" I asked him raising my eyebrow.

He sneered but didn't utter a word. He took off his apron and walked towards me without breaking our eye-contact. I stayed on my feet and waited for him until he stopped a few inches, totally invading my personal space.

He smirked grabbing my arm, he uses his other hand to caress my cheek.

"You don't know what I am capable to do with this sweet mouth of yours, sweetheart."

I gulped as I felt the sudden shivers that run down my spine when he brushed his thumb around my lips. But because I felt it tickling, I chewed them to ease the itching sensation. I didn't miss his sharp intake of breath while eyeing down my lips, the transition of emotion from his eyes, and the abrupt changing of its color, from beautiful hazel brown eyes to deep shade of brown that shows his weakness as a man.

I straightened my posture and asked him looking directly on his eyes. "Really?"

And with a blink of an eye, I was pinned on the wall behind me with his lips on top of mine. He kissed me in a warm and demanding was that almost left me short of breath.


I pushed him when I saw Nanay Emily from the corner of my eyes standing a few steps away from us. I was gasping for air when he finally let me go.

"I'm sorry, kids I didn't know-----"

"It's okay, Nanay." I cut her off giving her an awkward smile. -'I actually want to say thank you for coming.'- I added mentally as I took a step away from Daniel.

"I'm going back to the garden, you can continue----"

"I'm going with you, Nanay!" I cut her off again in a loud voice which causes her to widen her eyes. "Have I told you that I really like flowers? I actually love white tulips, it's my favorite! Let's go?"

"You are not going anywhere, sweetheart. We are going to talk."

But Daniel grabbed my hand and I gasped when he spun me around

so I am now facing him.

"We have nothing to talk about-----" I didn't get a chance to finish what I was about to say when he throw me up on his shoulder with my face facing his muscled back.

I heard Nanay Emily's gasp from behind and I know she was also surprised at what Daniel did.

"What the hell!" I cried out grabbing his shirt. "What are you doing? Put me down!"

"Excuse us, Nanay Emily, I just need to talk to my wife." I heard him say before he turned and strode towards his study room

"I said put me down, Daniel!" I yelled and punched his back. But I realized it was a mistake because it feels like punching on a hard wall.

"Why did you stop, sweetheart? Did you get a nice view of my ass?"

My eyes widened with his question. He's now starting on being a jerk again. "You don't have a nice ass, Daniel Kelley! Your attitude makes you an ass, asshole!"

"Don't you think I didn't know that?"

He entered in his study room with me still on his shoulder. And to prove to me that he was really an ass, he throws me on the couch.

"Ouch! Did you really have to throw me?" I groaned touching my butt as I glared my eyes at him.

He just ignored me and walked to his desk. I found it rude so I stood up and was about to step when he shouts behind me.

"Where are you going? Sit!"

My mouth hang opened as I slowly turned my head to face him.

-'What the heck, he didn't even say a complete 'sit down'?'-

"What are you waiting for, sit!"

"Excuse me, I am not your fucking dog! You dumb-ass!"

He clenched his jaws and walked his way towards me. I swear if only looks could kill I was definitely lying on the floor, cold and lifeless.

"Sign this!"

I looked at the red folder that he's giving me with a raised eyebrow before taking it from him.

"What's this?"

I asked flipping the cover, but I didn't hear any word so I glanced up at him. "What's this-----"

"Sign it and I'll explain it to you later."

"No, I won't sign this, unless you explain it to me! What if this is for a death sentence, and after I sighed this you will-----"

"Jesus Christ, woman!" he suddenly shouted in front of me. "You're crazy, don't you know that? Do you think I'm stupid to kill an empty-headed bird using my bare hands?"

My mouth formed a big 'A' shape.

-'Huh! Did he just call me empty-headed?'-

"What's going on inside your head, Sophia? Are you on drugs?" He asked me again, literally studying me from head to toe.

I took a deep breath and composed myself.

"No, I'm not on drugs!" I smirked. "I was born this way. I'm like this all the way, every day! And I don't think I should need it anymore, because I'm already high on life!"

"What the fuck, just sign up the paper!" He frustratedly brushed his hair with his fingers.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards his desk. He stood there watching me as I pulled his chair and suit myself comfortably on it. I laughed inside when I heard him sigh behind me.

I carefully read every page inside the folder he gave me. It's a contract and agreement between his company and their European investors. My name was written under his name as his spouse, to prove that he was legally married like what they had talked about before they signed for partnership.

"When are you going to finish? That contract has only ten pages, so what taking you so long?"

I snapped my head at him only to find him sitting on the couch with a deep frown on his face. But instead of throwing him an awful answers and nasty words, I just smirked and relaxed on his comfortable swivel chair.

"What if I say I'm going to take forever to finish this, are you willing to wait?"

"For goodness sake, woman! I'm fucking serious!"

"Then shut up and let me finish reading this! You know what, I would really appreciate when you close your mouth!"

I said through gritted teeth that made him stop and didn't try to speak again.

"See, you look so sexy, sweetheart when you're not talking." I give him my sweetest smile to add his irritation.

After almost thirty minutes with him inside of his study room, not to include our debates and arguments, I finally finished reading and signed the contract.

He called me when I was about to open the door.

"We're going to my parents' house tonight, they were tonight us for dinner."

"Okay." I shrugged not even glancing at him.

I sighed as I closed my eyes when I shut the door behind me.

-'Whew! 365 days less 31 is equal to 334 days. That means there are only 334 days of sacrificing my sanity with him! And of course, to find Layla Alonzo.'-

I muttered to myself and with one last sigh, I headed back to the kitchen..

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