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   Chapter 18 Am I hallucinating

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Sophia's POV:

"Whoa! Am I seeing things, Mom?"

I heard Rian asked her mother the moment we stepped out of the plane.

"Is that Dani?"

My head instantly followed her gaze and I had to blink twice to make sure if it's really Daniel and that I wasn't just played by my own eyes. But it's him, leaning on his black Bentley with both hands on his pockets, and together with Alex and Mom's driver, he's also waiting for us.

"No, sweety. It's really your brother."

"But what is he doing here? Does he know about Belle's competition?"

"Yeah, he called me earlier to pick up his wife."

I furrowed my eyebrows but I didn't react to their conversation.

"Wow! This is getting more interesting, right Belle?" Rian nudged my elbow while we're walking towards the three cars.

I just rolled my eyes and remained quiet as I don't want her to add her speech anymore.

"Hi, son. How long have you been waiting for us?" Mom hugged him and he kissed her cheek.

"Almost fifteen minutes, Mom. How's your flight?"

"Well, it's tiring but it's worth it because your wife entered the semi-finals." She said excitedly.

He looked at me but he didn't utter any word.

"Big brother." Rian hugged him while Alex just patted his shoulder. "What are you doing here?"

"Of course, I'm waiting for you and Mom."

"Waiting for us or waiting for your wife?" She asked and I avoided her gaze when she winked at me.

But I turned my head back to Daniel when he speak.

"Yeah, I'm also waiting for her because we have lot of things to talk about." He mumbled but his eyes were focused on me.

"Like what?"

"Things that we should discuss as husband and wife."

He said stepping closer to me and I gulped when he pulled me into a hug. I felt my heart pounding when he pulled back and give me a lingering kiss on my lips.

-'Am I hallucinating?'-

I asked myself silently as I was left open-mouthed when he took my suitcase from my hand and pulled it towards the compartment of his car.

I don't know how to react after that, I was left speechless because I wasn't expecting he would do that, especially in front of his mother and sister.

"By the way, Sweety, we have to go. Just call me if you need anything about the competition." Mom said as she hugged me. "

"Thank you for going with us in the US, Mom." I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Oh, no worries. Congratulations by the way and knock them dead in the finals."

"We will, Mom."

"Alex, please take care of my daughter. I have to go now because I'm sure your father won't be able to sleep until I get home."

"We all know that, Mom." Rian said and we waited until she completely get inside the car.

An exhausted sigh escaped from my lips when Alex opened the door for Rian, and I didn't wait any second to open my own door because I know no one will ever do that for me, especially not my own husband.

I leaned my back on the car seat and closed my eyes while waiting for him to enter inside. But as soon as my head came in contact with the comfortable backrest, I didn't know what happened next. How did we get home, what time did we reach his house and how did I end up lying on my own bed.


I woke up this morning feeling the tiredness of all the yesterday's activities, from the last rehearsals in the hotel and to the mixed feeling of pressure and nervousness before our performance. And of course the shock I felt when Daniel kissed me in front of his mother and sister last night.

But what really surprised me was when I woke up in my own room wearing my sleeping dress.

"Good morning, Anak." Nanay Emily greets me when I found her in the kitchen.

"Good morning, Nanay." I returned her smile and walked towards the countertop to get a coffee from the coffee maker.

"Congratulations for entering into the semi-finals." She said giving me the new cooked chocolate pancakes.

"Thank you, Nanay. Anyway, do you know what time we got home last night and who brought me to my room?"

Her smile widened before she nodded.

"Well, I think it's around ten pm and it's your husband who brought you upstairs."

"Huh!" I gasped as my hand automatically lifted over my chest. "If he brought me to my room, does it mean..." I didn't finish my question when she laughed at me.

"Don't worry, I was the one who changed your clothes last night."

A sigh of relief escaped my lips after hearing what she said.

"Thank you, Nanay." I said giving her an awkward smile.

"Your welcome, Anak. By the way, aren't you going to work today?"

"No, Craig and I decided to take a day off and relax at least for this day, before we start our rehearsals for the grand finals."

"Uhm... that's good. I watched your performance yesterday and I'm sure you'll win in the grand finals."

"Thanks, I hope so Nanay."

She patted my arm and give me a motherly smile. "Your husband was also didn't get to work today, he's in the study room."

I furrowed my eyebrows and was about to ask when my phone vibrated inside my shorts' pocket.

"Excuse me, Nanay, I'll just have to take this call."

She nodded and I walked towards the dining table. It's from an unregistered number, but I decided to answer it.


"Come stai, Ysabelle Del Mundo." (How are you?)

My eyes widened in surprise when I recognised the owner of the voice from the other line.

"Bryan Delgado!" I exclaimed in excitement as I pulled the chair in front of me. "How are you, Bry?"

Bryan was my childhood friend from Italy. He was the only one who believed and helped me six years ago, and the one who convinced me to leave my past and move on from its memories.

"Hai cambiato di nuovo il tuo numero?" (Have you changed your number again?) I asked as I noticed he's using a new number again.

"Si, ho perso il telefono ieri sera, quindi non ho altra scelta che comprare un nuovo telefono e cambiare il mio numero." (Yes, I lost my phone last night, so I have no choice but to buy a new phone and change my number.)

I just rolled my eyes. It's always his reason every time he calls me using a new number.

"Okay, se lo dici tu." I just rolled my eyes. "Bry, hai ricevuto nuove informazioni su Layla?" (Okay, if you say so. Bry, did you get any new information about Layla?)

"Beh, questo era il motivo per cui ti ho chiamato, Belle. Uno dei miei uomini ha visto Layla Alonzo nella città di Santa Monica." (Well, that was the reason why I called you, Belle. One of my men saw Layla Alonzo in Santa Monica City.)

"Intendi Santa Monica in California?" (Do you mean Santa Monica in California?)

I asked feeling the fast beating of my heart. And I didn't notice that I was gripping the handle of the mug in front of me which caused the coffee to spill over my hand.

"Ouch!" I muttered lowly as I immediately brought it to my mouth and sip the now reddened skin.

"Ma non preoccuparti, I miei uomini la stanno cercando in tutti gli angoli di Santa Monica." (But don't worry, my men are now looking for her in all corners of Santa Monica.)

I can't explain how I feel after hearing that piece of new information from him. It brought me relief but at the same time nervousness and anxiety, because I've been searching for her for over six years and I can't wait to see Joseph suffering in jail. But I don't know what to feel if this information will just lead us to nothing again.

"Bryan, devo dirti una cosa." (Bryan, I need to tell you something.) I bite my bottom lip.

"Che cos'è?" (What is it?)

I gulped and took a deep breath. "Sono sposato, Bryan." (I'm married, Bryan.)

I closed my eyes and wait for him to say something but I heard nothing, instead, I heard him chuckled on the other line.

"Oh, Belle mi stai prendendo in giro! Chi tipo di scherzo era quello?" (Oh, Belle you're kidding me! What kind of joke was that?)

I bite my lip again when he didn't take it seriously and just laughed at me like it was the funniest joke that he had heard.

"Vorrei esserlo, ma non lo sono. È un matrimonio combinato ed ero così disperato, Bry." (I wish I were, but I'm not. It's an arranged marriage and I was so desperate, Bry.)

Then his laugh died before he curses on the other line.

"What the fuck, Yzabelle! Arranged marriage, are you serious?"

I know he's mad every time he speaks to me in english, but I still have to let him know about my marriage, because he is one of the first people I trusted and believed in me at a time when I needed help. He became a brother to me during those times.

"Yes---" I was about to explain but he cut me off.

"Why Belle, you were desperate of what?"

"Ti dirò tutto, ma non per telefono. Incontriamoci nel mio ufficio." (I'll tell you everything, but not over the phone. Let's meet in my office.)

When we ended the call, I simply looked behind me to make sure no one heard our conversation.

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