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   Chapter 15 Senorita

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Sophia's POV:


I am currently drying my hair when I heard a knock from the other side of my door.

"Come in, Nanay Emily."

She opened the door and walked closer to me.

"Good morning, Anak." she greets me with a smile.

"Good morning, Nanay." and I reciprocated it with another smile.

"Your friend is waiting for you in the living room. His name is Craig."

"Oh, he's here?" My face lights up just by hearing my best friend's name. "Thank you, Nanay. I was actually waiting for him today. We are going to practice our steps for our upcoming competition in the US."

"Wow! Is your husband know about this?"

"No, and I have no plan on telling him because I'm sure he wouldn't care."

"Ohh, I'm sure he will be glad that his wife is going to perform in the US."

"I don't think so, Nanay." I continued to comb my hair. "By the way, have you seen him around the house?"

Today is Sunday and I'm not sure if he's going to stay in the house. Well, it's better if not.

"No, he left earlier this morning, he said they had a meeting in La Mirada."

"Hmm.." I said nodding. -'Good'-

"Why? Do you have something to tell him?"

"No, we're just planning to use the pool area as our practice ground."

"Anak, you can use it anytime you want. This house is also yours and you don't need to ask his permission to use it."

"Thank you, Nanay."

"Anyway, what do you want for breakfast? Do you want pancakes with chocolate syrup?"

"Yes, Nanay. Thank you."

"Okay, your welcome."

When she closed the door, I stood up and changed into comfortable clothes. I preferred to wear black cotton short and a gray tank top and just let my hair flow down on my shoulders.

After checking myself for the last time in the mirror, I decided to get out of the room and show up myself in the living room. I found Craig sitting on the couch, but before I could reach his seat, I saw my cat on the carpet rubbing her head in his pants.

"Oh, you brought my Pussy?" I exclaimed loudly as I run towards them and I didn't notice the shock that written on Nanay Emily's face.

"How are you Pussy? I missed you so much!" I lifted her up and brought her to my chest. She also started to rub her head on my chin.

"My goodness, woman! Do you really need to shout her name out loud?" Craig's face scrunched while shaking his head.

"What's wrong with that? I missed my Pussy so much!" I replied, kissing my cat's head.

"What's the name of your cat?"

We both turned to Nanay Emily who's eyes has shines in amusement. She has a tray full of pancakes in her hands.

"She named her cat 'Pussy' Nanay Emily. My goodness, can you imagine that? She just gave a very beautiful Persian cat a stinky name!"

The old woman laughed at his statement.

"Hey, shut up! She likes it though, right Pussy?" I rubbed her neck and she let out a small meow. "See? She likes it!"

And Nanay Emily laughed even harder.

"Haha.. do you think she has a choice?"

I just rolled my eyes and hugged my cat more. "I really missed you Pussy. Did you miss me, too?"

"Here are your pancakes, Sophia. I'll just get the juice from the kitchen." Nancy Emily said while shaking her head.

"Thank you, Nanay." We both said in unison.

"Your welcome, Anak."

When she's finally out of our sights, Craig nudged my elbow slightly.

"Girl, what's the meaning of Anak?" He asked before shoving the pancake to his mouth.

I sat beside him and put Pussy on my lap.

"Anak means child, but to be specific, she's calling me Anak which means daughter."

"Where did she get that?"

"She's a Filipina and that's what they called to their children in the Philippines."

"Oh, so she's also calling your husband, Anak?"

"Yeah, but when she calls him Anak, it means son."


I glanced at him only to find him smirking.

"Why? What are you thinking?" I asked confused.

"Nah! I was just thinking something."

"And what is that something?'

His smile widened and I can't help to raise my eyebrow.

"Do you think this is correct, if Daniel and Sophia already consummated their marriage they can form an Anak?"

I frowned when I heard his silly question but he just laughed in front of But. I was about to lash out on him when we heard Nanay Emily's laughter from behind us.

"Yes, Craig. That's correct!"

And they both laughed together as she put the tray on the coffee table. I swear if Nanay were not in front of us, I'm gonna chop his body

into pieces and serve to it to my Pussy.

"Did you hear that? Nanay Emily agreed to me." He lifted his hand and they did a high-five in front of me.

"Yeah, but you know what? I'm also thinking not to give your salary this whole month. What do you think?"

I smirked when his laugh died in mid-air.

"Oh, come on Sophia, I was just kidding. You know sometimes I have a silly mouth." He smiled at me while scratching the back of his head.

"Really, but I didn't know that?." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Oh, you're just kidding right?'

"I'm not." I shook my head.

"I like the kind of friendship that you have, kids." Nanay Emily said as she gave us both a glass of orange juice.

"Thanks Nanay." I accepted the glass from her.

"We're like real sisters, Nanay."

"Brother and sister." I said with a raised eyebrow.

"No, I'm also a girl!" And he also raised his eyebrow.

"Haha.. keep on dreaming!"

Nancy Emily and I shared a heartedly laugh when he playfully narrowed his eyes on me.


**I love it when you call me Señorita.. I wish I could pretend I didn't need 'ya.. But every touch is ooh-la-la-la.. It's true la-la-la.. Ohh, I should be runnin'... Ohh, you keep me coming for 'ya..

Ohh, I should be runnin'... Ohh, you keep me coming for 'ya..**

Https:// [Señorita (Lyrics) - Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

"Wow! Was that your piece that you're going to use for your US competition next week?"

"Mom? Rian?"

I was surprised when I saw my sister and mother-in-law walking their way towards us. They were both clapping their hands with a smile on their face.

"What are you doing here?"

"Actually, I would like to invite you for lunch, but I texted Craig this morning and he said you're not going to open the studio, because you're going to continue your practice for your US competition."

"Yes Mom, we still need to polish our remaining steps. And about the lunch, if you want I cook for you."

"Oh, no it's okay, Sweety. Don't worry about it because we already ordered the food for our lunch. And Nanay Emily is now preparing it in the kitchen."

"Really? But Daniel was not here."

"I know, and it's okay. He's not the reason why we're here right baby?" She smiled and glanced at her daughter.

"Yes, we're here because we want to have a girl bonding with you." She kissed my cheek. "Anyway, we're watching you earlier while you're dancing and you were so sexy in your every move."

"Oh, thank you."

"What about me?" Craig asked, pouting.

"Of course you're also good, Craig."

"Oh, thank you so much, Mrs. Kelley. I also know for myself that I'm good." He said proudly that caused the two to laughed at him.

"You know what, I'm planning to go with you in the US next week."

"Really, Mr. Kelley?"

"Yes, I'm your number one supporter, right?"

"Thank you, Mom." I said hugging her again.

"Don't mention it, sweety. Can we see the whole choreography?"

"Of course." Craig and I answered in unison.

Nanay Emily soon came with a pitcher of juice in her hands and she also sat next to Rian.

"Okay, ready?" Craig asked me and I nodded, then he pressed the play button.


Daniel's POV:

"Can you hear that?" Andrew asked me when we entered the house.

"Can hear what?" I asked confused.

"I can hear some music, come on try to hear it."

I stopped walking and tried to hear the music that he was saying. And he's right, there's a muffled sounds coming from outside.

"I think it's coming from the back door." He said and left me standing at the entrance.

As we walk closer to the kitchen, the music becomes clearer to our ears.

"Whoa! Is that Sophia?"

His eyes widened when he opened the door which connected to the pool area.

I followed him and the scene that came to my view stopped me from walking. My wife is dancing with her friend while my mother and my sister are watching them.

"Let's go and see what they were doing."

He almost run towards the pool area and I have no choice but to follow him again.

I can't remove my eyes on her as I walk my way closer to them. She's only wearing a cotton short, a gray tank top and barefooted. Her hair was now in a messy bun but she didn't seem to care and just kept on dancing.

(Watch "SHAWN MENDES, CAMILA CABELLO - SENORITA | Dance choreography by Tian Cehic and Petra Ravbar" on YouTube

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