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   Chapter 11 Moving in with him

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Three days before the wedding...

Ten o'clock on a Thursday morning, Craig and I were lying leisurely on the couch with my head on his lap, while watching some random series on the tv. He keeps on throwing jokes and funny pick up lines to ease my stress on thinking about the wedding.

Because our voices were so loud, together with the sound of the TV, we both didn't notice the car that stopped in front of our apartment. We were both oblivious of the man who continuously knocking on the other side of the door. And it was too late to get up and open it as it suddenly opened and the furious face of my fiance came to our view. He banged the door shut behind him that almost make me fall from Craig's lap.

I get up immediately when Daniel started to walk closer to us with his raging eyes.

"What the fuck is happening here, Sophia?" his booming voice echoed in the whole living room as his eyebrows almost become one line. He was asking me but his eyes were focused and throwing daggers to Craig beside me.

But instead of explaining what he had seen, I asked him back in a calm voice without being affected.

"What are you doing here?"

"Don't you dare answer me with another question! What is happening here? Who is he and why are you lying on his lap?"

I raised my eyebrow before rolling my eyes. "It's none of your business, Mr. Kelley! And may I remind you, you're not in your own place to shout or even raise your voice."

The kind of look that he gave me sends shivers down to my spine, but I never back down and held my stand. I also didn't miss how he clenched his jaws as he takes his steps closer to me.

"Yes it's none of my business but since we're going to get married, you're not allowed to flirt with anyone especially that you're going to use my name for the year!" He said through gritted teeth.

"I wasn't flirting with him!" I tried to defend.

"Really? Then why are you lying on his lap?" he asked me but his eyes were not on me but with Craig. He formed his fists into a ball, so I decided to stand between them.

"He's my bestfriend, my assistant and my apartment mate! Now that you know, can you stop glaring my bestfriend and just tell me what you're doing here?"

Then he looked at me, changing his expression into turned cold and serious again.

"Pack your things, you're now going to live with me."

"What?" my voice came a bit louder.

"You heard me right? I said pack your things and we're now leaving."

"But can we just wait after the wedding?"

"No! Are you going to pack your things now or you're going to leave empty-handed?"

I gasped and narrowed my eyes on him.

"Fine! Let's go, Craig, help me pack my things!"

I grabbed his arm and was about to walk upstairs when Daniel suddenly get my hand from holding Craig.

"No! Stay here man, I'll help her."

"What?" another loud voice escaped from my throat. And knowing the small smile and the raise of Craig's eyebrow, I know something is going on inside his mind.

"You don't need to, Mr. Kelley. Craig and I knows what to do----" but he didn't give me time to finish my sentence as he pulled me towards the stairs.

"We don't have enough time Sophia, so better hurry!"

"I can do it on my own, and I told you Craig will help me!"

"I said no!" he turned to me with a glare.



When we finally put my suitcase inside his car's compartment, I turned my heels back inside the house but not before hearing a question from him.

"Where are you going?"

"I'll just say goodbye to Craig!" I shouted with my back facing him and walk my way towards the front door.

-'Jeez! Cold, arrogant, rude and bipolar! Argh!'- I balled my fists while gritting my teeth.

"Why did you come back?" asked the grinning Craig when I pushed the door.

I scrunched my face and pouted at him. "You know what I've just realized? He's also bipolar!"

But his grin turned into a humorous laugh.

"He's just jealous, you know."

"Oh come on, Craig. You know that's not true and it's impossible."

"Okay, as you say so."  he shrugged but suppressing his laugh.

"Anyway, can you please take care of my pussy? I'll promise to get her after the wedding."

"Ohh, but it's your husband who should take care of your pussy, my dear."

"Craig!" my face turned horrified.

"Just kidding. Of course I'll take off her even you don't tell me to."

"Thanks Craig." I hugged him. "Don't be late on my wedding day, you need to bring me to the altar."

"Of course." and we hugged each other again before he walked with me towards the front door.

And because I didn't know where to seat, I opened the door at the back. Daniel was already seated in the driver's seat and watching me on the rearview mirror until I finally settled myself behind him.

"What are you doing?" he frowned as he turned his head on me.

"Sitting." I simply answered.

"Oh God! I know that!"

"Then why are you still asking?" I rolled my eyes. -'What a silly question!'-

"Jeez woman!" he comb his hair with his fingers in a frustrated manner.

-'What's the matter with him?'-

"I am not your driver, so you better get up your ass here!"

I watched him as his handsome face scrunched in frustration, then I chuckled while shaking my head.

"What difference would it make if I sit in the backseat or in the passenger seat? You are still th

e driver!"

He closed his eyes tightly. "Sweetheart, if you don't get up there, I swear I'm gonna lift your ass and drag you here."

I gasped and blinked my eyes repeatedly. "Fine!" I huffed before opening the door and transfer to the passenger seat.

We were on the road for almost twenty minutes but neither of us uttered even a single word. The only sound I could hear inside the car was my frequent sighs and the wind blowing through the car's windshield. We're driving in an open road with only a few cars passing by, so the silence was so deafening.

"Can I open the radio?"

The first question I've asked after the overwhelming silence between us.

He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows but didn't answer my question. He just turned his eyes back on the road.

"Thank you for the wonderful answer! I really appreciate it!" I said and smiled with full of sarcasm.

I just get my phone from my pants' pocket and open the YouTube to scan some romantic songs. Then I suddenly remember that I don't have my headphone, it's in my bag and that bag was in the compartment of his car. So I have no choice but to open the speaker.

I leaned on my seat and put my phone in my lap as I started to hum the sweet melody of the song 'On the wings of love.' I closed my eyes and never tried to glance at him, thinking he might stop me.

But after a few minutes, I didn't even notice that I have already fallen into sleep. And when I opened my eyes, we're in front of a big house but not as big as his parents' mansion.

"Get your stuff from the car's compartment."

I turned to him. "Aren't you going to help me?" I asked when I noticed that he had no intention of getting off the car.

"Just call someone inside to help you, I still have a meeting to attend to."

"Wow! What a gentleman you are! Thank you, 'Sweetheart'." I slammed the door behind me when I finally step outside.

-'Huh! If one day comes that you need my help, I swear I won't ever help you and just gonna laugh on your ass!'- I muttered to myself mentally while getting my luggage from the compartment.

And when I finish, I counted from one to three before I slammed it in full force causing it to create a very loud noise.

"Okay." I smiled feeling proud of what I've done.

But before I could pull my suitcase, he came into my view.

"What did you do?" he asked as if I have committed a serious crime.

I bite my bottom lip to hold back my smile.

"Nothing." I shrugged.

"You slammed it so hard!"

"Oops! Did I?" I faked my shock reaction. "Ohh.. I'm sorry 'sweetheart.'"

I walked towards the entrance, humming the last song I played inside the car. But upon entering, I was immediately approached by a woman in her middle fifty. Her smile was so warm and genuine that you can instantly feel at home.

"Finally, you're here! Good morning 'anak'." she said and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back but I was confused by the name she called me.

"I'm sorry, but may I know what did you call me?"

"Anak. She called you anak." and I was surprised when Daniel spoke behind me. "That means daughter if you're a girl and son if you're a boy."

"Hmm.." I nodded. "Why are you still here, I thought you have a business meeting?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Yeah, I just forgot some of the documents from my study room." then he left us at the entrance.

"Hi, I'm Emily, Daniel's nanny?"

My head automatically snapped on her face.

"Nanny? But, isn't he's old enough for having a nanny?"

She chuckled at me. "Yeah, he's old enough for that but what I meant to say, I was their nanny since they were kids." she said gesturing me to walk inside.

"Ohh.." I nodded as I give her an awkward smile.

"You can call me Nanay Emily or Nanay Ems for short." and when she noticed my confusion, she smiled and explained it to me. "Nanay means mother."

"Ahh.." I said nodding. "Nanay Ems."

"I'm sorry if you get confused."

"No, it's okay. I like it."

She smiled "I'm a pure Filipina, how about you, are you a pure American?"

"No, Nanay Ems. I'm half Italian and a half American."

"Wow! I'm sure your children will be beautiful and good looking because of your mixed genes." she exclaimed excitedly.

"Huh?" my mouth suddenly hanged in mid-air.

"Just kidding, Anak." she patted my arm. "Don't worry I know it's an arranged marriage, so you can be free to move inside the house. You can also share to me everything."

"Thank you, Nanay." I smiled as relief flashed inside me. At least I don't have to be an actress inside the house for the whole year.

"Let's go upstairs, I'll show you your room." I nodded but then I remember my suitcase. "It's okay Anak, Berto will put it later in your room."

"Berto? Who is he?"

Her smile turned wide as she took my hand. "He's my husband."

"Wow really? That's so cute, I mean you're both here and working for Daniel."

"Yeah, we have no children of our own, so Daniel and his sister Rian, we considered them as our own children."

"They were so lucky for having you and your husband."

"Yeah, but we're also lucky for having them. At least we experience on how to be parents."

We shared a smile after that. Truly, the siblings were indeed lucky for having a second parents like them. Well, unlike me. Yeah, I do have my parents but they were separated and we have our own story, own lives and own way of living.

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