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   Chapter 10 The wedding

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Sophia's POV:

I took a deep and long breath before I step my feet on the red carpet along the aisle. I know this is just a contractual wedding, I know this is just an agreement between me and him, I know this isn't real, but I still can't stop my heart from beating loudly inside my ribcage.

It's really deafening that I almost can't hear the wedding song that playing inside the church. That was Rian, singing 'This I promise you', and then I slowly lifted my eyes and looked straight at the altar. And there was my husband a few moments from now, standing in his dark blue tux and wearing a smile which I can't read if it's true or just an act.

Holding my purple bridal bouquet, I averted my eyes away from him and just focus on the red carpet where I walk, as I don't want to slip, lose my balance and fall to the ground on my wedding day. It's so embarrassing if that happens.

Craig and Mrs. Kelley were standing in the middle of the aisle and waiting for me to reach where they stand. Aside from my now mother-in-law, I personally chose Craig to walked with me towards the altar despite Daniel's disapproval, and to tell you honestly, I really don't know why. But of course, I didn't listen to him. He didn't even give a single opinion regarding the preparation of this wedding, so why would I listen to him?

"You're so beautiful, Sophia Ysabelle." Craig whispered to my ear and kissed my cheek. Same as Mrs. Kelley did.

"Yeah, you looked ravishing and delightfully charming, sweety." she gives me a motherly smile and hugged me tightly in the middle of the aisle.

How I wish I could turn back the time and change the past, so it's my own mother who could tell me those sweet words, so it's my father who could walk with me in the aisle towards the altar. Who could both give me a warm embrace before giving my hand to the man who will be my partner forever. But no, I can't and nobody can.

I can't change the fact that my Mom left me when I was young, and that my Dad didn't believe me when I almost raped, and chose to believe those people instead of his own daughter. Especially the person who almost ruined my life and gave me memories that I will take until my last breath, not unless I get justice for what he did.

I can't turn back the time where I should have been more happy and contented having a whole family. And didn't end up on marrying someone just for seeking justice. Someone who knows nothing but to judge and insult me on marrying him.

Tears of pain started to flow down my cheeks and in the very last minute, my mind, my heart and my thoughts were contemplating if I should really need to do this. Counting the rest of the steps in my mind, I felt Craig's hand on my arm. I glanced up at him. He give me an assuring smile before shaking his head and lowly whispered the words...

"Don't ruin the last chance and opportunity that you have Sophia. God has always a good plan for everything that is happening to you right now."

Taking a deep breath, I nodded and give him back his smile.

And finally, the moment of truth is here. We finally reached the altar. And once again, Craig and my parents-in-law after this ceremony, give me one last hug before passing my hand to the one who must take it, Daniel Kelley. He's slightly frowning when he takes my hand, but I just give him a half-smile.

He didn't say anything, he didn't even return my smile. I just sighed and walked with him in front of the priest. When the song ended, I glanced at the church's choir where Rian's currently standing. She also give me a lovingly smile, that secretly saying... 'Don't worry, I'm always here, Belle. I'll help you throughout the way..'

"Welcome everyone to the wedding ceremony of Daniel and Sophia Ysabelle. We gathered here today to celebrate the most intimate of bonds between two people, marriage. You all have been invited here not just as guests to a wedding, but as close and important witnesses of the love that Daniel and Sophia Ysabelle share."

I bite my bottom lip and closed my eyes tightly. 'intimate bond?' 'love?' Haha.. funny, we don't even have any one o

f it. I sighed and side glanced at him just to find him looking at me intently. I also looked at him and never lowered my eyes, although deep inside, I was melting like a candle. This is the very first time I stared on his eyes in the longest period of time without hearing anything from him. And I noticed what color of iris he has. Hazel brown eyes, a combination of gold, brown and green in one.


And because of my amazement, I didn't notice that I was already smiling at him. I was just pulled back into reality when his handsome face crunched and turned into scowl before turning it back to the speaking priest.

-'Hmmp! Don't you really know how to smile or even smile back? Rude!'-

I really don't know how I managed not to roll my eyes on him.

-'I'm sorry dear God'-

I silently muttered before I concentrate on the ceremony.


"May the blessings of life, the joy of love, the peace of truth, and the wisdom and strength of spirit, be your constant companion, now and always, as husband and wife... may now kiss one another."

My heart started to pound faster again as soon as I heard the priest's last sentence.

All the people gathered inside the church that witnessed the ceremony were now clapping their hands and waiting for us to seal this wedding with our kiss.

I gulped when he lifted up my veil and closed my eyes when he slowly lowered his head. I waited... waited... and waited... for his lips to capture mine, with the rapid heartbeat inside, tingling nerves all over my body, dancing butterflies inside my stomach and dying mind with anticipation... but seconds has passed but I still couldn't feel his lips.

I was about to open my eyes when I finally felt it... 'on my forehead'.

My breath hitched for the silent disappointment. And how I wish I didn't open my eyes and remained it close, because when I looked at him, my mouth agape as I found him smirking.

-'Really, on my forehead? What am I, your grandmother?'-

And an idea suddenly came across my mind. I raised my eyebrow as I moistened my lips and bite the bottom while looking directly into his eyes. And bingo! I didn't miss how his hazel brown eyes turned into almost brown. I also noticed his intake of sharp breath and the slight opening of his mouth.

-'Huh! Serves you right, my dear 'husband'! Yes I'm still a virgin, but I'm not stupid!'-

And I give him my sweetest smile ever before turning my eyes into the people who were still clapping their hands.

"Congratulations to the newlyweds! To the new Mr. and Mrs. Kelley!" Rian was the one who shouted loudly and it also followed by the cheers coming from some guests and her parents.

My parents-in-law hugged us both with a wide smile on their lips.

"Welcome to the family, sweety." my now Mom even in papers, kissed my cheek.

"Thank you, Mom." I said smiling at her.

"Son, take care of Sophie." I heard his Dad's whisper. "I know this is just an arranged marriage, but please respect her and treat her as your equal." and he patted his son's shoulder.

I acted that I didn't hear them and smiled when he approached me.

"Sophie, thank you. It's now time to fulfil our promise." he whispered lowly while hugging me.

"Thank you, Dad."

After of few picture taking in front of the altar, Daniel took my hand and we walked out of the church together. But of course, when we reached his car, he immediately dropped it as if he could get an infectious disease from it.

I just sighed and chose not to comment about it. I leaned my back on the backrest of the car seat as I looked outside the window, and tried to count all the trees on the side of the road as we passed by.

My new journey begins here. I know from the very start when I accepted this agreement, it wouldn't be easy, it will take half of my life being a fake partner and a trophy wife for my cold and arrogant husband.

But like what Craig's said inside the church earlier, I also do believe that God has His plan or plans for why He put me in this situation. I know it and I now put all my trust to Him.

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