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   Chapter 9 Don't eat your words

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"I bet I was your first kiss, sweetheart."

-'Fucking shit!'- I muttered to myself as my eyes turned wide like saucers. And when his parents walked towards our direction, he pulled me, even more, closer to his body.

I tried to break free from his hold but he didn't let me move a bit. But this time I really should thank my three and a half inches heels for adding me extra height that made me reach his jaw and ear.

-'Let's play the game, Mr. Kelley. You don't want me to let go, huh?'-

I wrapped my arms around his waist up to his shoulders and tiptoed a little so my lips could reach his ear. And he's suddenly stiffened when I planted light kisses on his jaw before whispering on his ear.

"Ohh.. I'm sorry sweetheart but you're not. Hmm.. second kiss maybe." I smirked at him when he pulled back and narrowed his eyes on me.

"So you're no longer a vir-----" but he was cut off by his mother.

"Congratulations! I like what you did, son. It was so romantic." Mrs. Kelley hugged the both of us and winked at me even she knows that Daniel was looking.

"That's just a part of a show, Mom." he defended, crunching his face.

"Where are you going?" she asked him when he dropped my hand and was about to walk out.

"I'll just call my secretary regarding the meeting tomorrow."

"Oh my God, Daniel. It's your engagement party today and your mind is still on work and business?"

"Mom, I've made my part. I already give her the ring so I'm done with this." He said kissing his mother's forehead. He walked out in front of us without giving me a glance.

"I'm sorry, sweety. I know his act was so rude."

"It's okay Mrs. Kelley, you don't have to say sorry. Because at some point he's right, he already gave me the ring and showed up himself. So yeah, he's done with his part."

"Sophia.." she takes my hand. "Don't let my son always put you down in the future. Yes, he's my son, but I didn't offer you this agreement only for his benefit but to help you also. If you need something or anything, don't hesitate to ask me. You have my phone number and you can call me anytime."

I smiled at her and nodded. "Thank you, Ma'am."

"You're welcome, sweety. Remember you're now part of the family." she cupped my left cheek.

"Mom.. Belle."

"My baby."

We both turned to the smiling face of Rian. She hugged us both.

"Congratulations Belle." she also take my hand but I just give her a half-smile.

"Why are you calling her Belle?" we both looked at her mother before our smile widened.

"Mom, her real name is Sophia Ysabelle and we're friends since college. And you know what, I didn't know that she's Dani's fiancee."

"Really? What a great coincidence, isn't it?" she looked at me with a different glint of happiness in her eyes.

"You're right Mom. I'm so glad that you chose her to be my sister-in-law. I always dreamed to have a sister and it's now happening." Rian exclaimed while clapping her hands.

"You know everything?" Mrs. Kelley's eyes widened a bit when she asked her daughter.

And Rian's smile disappeared as she nodded. "Yes, I know everything Mom. From what happened six years ago in Belle's life and to the mall incident last two weeks ago. And I promised Belle that I would help her not just to find Layla but on how to tame my brother's cold behavior." and she give us a winked.

"You're right, but your brother doesn't even experienced being broken-hearted before, so I don't know why he turned into someone like that."

"Mom, but we both know that despite his being serious, Dani is one of the sweetest people in the world."

"I know my baby." then she looked at me. "Sophia, once you get to know my son well, you will understand what we mean. He's not that cold towards the people he loves, in fact, he's too much possessive over them."

I just smiled at them, although I really wanted to say...'yes, only for those people he loves but he's totally opposite when it comes to me.'

I came home after the party with Mrs. Kelley's driver, driving me again back home. I haven't seen Daniel after that fake and surprising proposal. He literally left me in the middle of his friends, family and other relatives. He only showed himself when the guests were already saying their thanks and goodbye.


"What? He freaking kissed you?"

Craig's eyes widened when he heard my confession. He was so persistent to know every details happened in the party, so I was left without a choice but to tell him one by one, from the moment I stepped out of the car to the moment when Daniel kissed me. And that was his reaction, loud voice and wide eyes like a saucer.

I nodded as I rolled my eyes.

"Oh my God! So how does it feel that you've been kissed by one of the top bachelor in LA? And take note he was your first kiss?"

He asked me grinning widely while clapping his hands. We are inside my room and getting ready to sleep.

"And what did he say after he kissed you? Come on, Sophia spill it out! I'm dying here waiting for your answer!"

"Haha." I chuckled with his reaction. "Well, he knows." I shrugged and bite my lip when I remember the words he told me after the kiss.

"He knows what?"

"That he's my first kiss! Fucking shit, Craig! How did he know that?"

"Oh my gosh, Sophia! Of course he's a man and he would easily know that, just by the way you respond on his kiss!"

"Ohh.." I tapped my forehead because of that.

"So what did you say when he told you about it? How did you react? Did you confirm his guess?"

"No, of course not!"

"So what did you do?"

"I denied it! I won't give him the satisfaction to think that he was my first kiss! And then what, he will use it against me and tease me forever? No way!"

"And how did you say that to him?" he asked me, chuckling.

"I told him that he's wrong and he's not my first kiss. I know it will just boost his ego."

"Ohh.. did he believe what you said?"

"Yes, because he got mad and he even walked out after we were congratulated by his Mom."

"Tsk.Tsk. You know what, it's a good thing that Joseph didn't kiss you back then, so your future husband got the chance and took the first spot."

"Yeah, that motherfucker didn't just go to hell!" I formed my fists as I imagined I am now squeezing his ugly face.

"Anyway, what's your next step after this? When are you planning to get married?"

I sighed loudly to let out the stress away from my body.

"We're getting married next week. I've just requested a simple wedding ceremony, no media, no paparazzi and no reporters."

"Hmm.. so what has your fiance helped you within the preparation of your wedding?"

I give him a s

arcastic smile.

"You're asking me what help did he give? Nothing! So big 'nothing'! I answered emphasizing the last word.

And he laughed at me. "Well then, I'm sure he's going to be a perfect husband of the year!"

"Haha.. that's what we called 'miracle'!"

"Oops, don't fall in love with him."

My face turned sour. "No way! I would rather die before I find myself falling for him!"

"Oh my God! Just make sure you don't eat your words when that happens!"

"Haha.. never!" I said my voice full of conviction.


Daniel's POV:

"Sir Daniel."

I glanced up when I heard a knock on my office door. It's Denise voice, my secretary.

"Come in, Denise."

She opened the door and give me a polite smile.

"Sir, you have a mail coming from Atty. Relagio." she give me the sealed white envelop.

"Atty. Relagio?" I asked scrunching my eyebrows.

"Yes Sir." she shrugged.

"I don't even know him." I muttered to myself. "Okay you can go back to your work. Thank you, Denise."

"Your welcome, Sir." and she walked out the door.

I opened the envelope with oddness and curiosity while my mind keep on asking who's this Atty Relagio who had sent me a mail?

I clenched my jaws as soon as read what's inside the envelope. It's a letter, a prenuptial agreement came and already signed by Sophia Del Mundo, none other than my fiancee.

"How dare this woman sent me a prenuptial agreement? I should be the one who propose this kind of agreement!" I balled my fists before I dial the intercom that connects to my assistant Andrew. He answered it immediately.


"Andrew come to my office now!" and I didn't wait for him to say anything, I just press the end button.

After a few seconds, Andrew came running inside my office.

"What's with the foul mood?" I didn't answer his question, I just throw him the paper. "Oops! Prenuptial agreement between you and Sophia? Why?" he asked as if he can't believe the paper on is hand.

"What do you mean why? That's not coming from me!" I glared at him.

"Ohh.. so this was coming from her?"

"Exactly! How dare that woman sent me that agreement? I won't even dare touch any of her property! And isn't her reason why she would want to marry me is because of my money, so what's with that paper? I should be the one who gives that and not her!"

"Well, if you're going to think about it, isn't it favorable on your side to have this agreement? Because as what you've said, you believe that the only reason why she's marrying you is because of your money."

"Yes, and that's still doesn't change."

"If that so, then it doesn't matter whether this letter came from you or from her. At least she's proving that she doesn't have any interest in all that you have, properties, money and bank accounts."

And he read the paper loudly.

"Base on her parties it states here that the husband, which is you, has a separate property and the wife make no claim in any of it. That this property will bear no liability for any of the depts of the wife. And in the event of divorce or legal separation, the wife shall have no right to assert a claim for alimony or make a claim on separate or marital property owned by the other party during marriage." he paused and looked at me. "Dude, this just proves that she doesn't have interest in all your money and property."

"That's just an act!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Oh come on, dude!" he almost throws himself on the couch. "Why can't you just give her a benefit of the doubt? And why don't you just ask her about her reason on marrying you? I'm sure she has another reason for that------" he suddenly paused as his eyes widened.


"Or maybe she's in love you! Bingo! Yeah, she's in love with you!"

I don't know how to react at first when I heard what he said, I just looked at him like he had grown in two heads before I found myself laughing.

"Fuck you, Andrew! That is so impossible and even if it's true, I don't see myself loving her back! Not now and not ever!"

"Ohh.. dude I'm scared right now!" but he act the opposite, he's laughing. "Don't put a period yet on your sentence, in other words, don't be too complacent for you not eat your words in the end."

"Tss! That's not gonna happen and will 'never' happen!"

"Okay, action speaks louder than words. Why did you kiss her at the party?"

I was slightly taken aback by his question. "I-It's my engagement party and she's my fiancee, so what's wrong with that? Besides it's just an act to show those businessmen who attend the party, that our marriage wasn't just a bluff." and because I immediately avoided his gaze, I missed the kind of look that he throw on me.

"Ohh.." he said nodding. "She's your fiancee, I see." I side glanced at him and he smirked at me. "Admit it she's beautiful right? She has a luscious and curvaceous body on that purple dress of-----"

"You're fantasizing my fiancee?" I asked in a raging voice and clenched jaws. I don't know why I can't imagine someone thinking that things about her.

"Whoa! Wait dude, I-I didn't say that! I'm just describing her to you." he instantly stand with his both hands in the air and in a surrender position. "My goodness, Daniel! Why would I do that? Besides she's 'your fiancee'.

He emphasized the last two words but I'm not in the mood to give a comment on that.

"Make it sure Andrew. People must not see you flirting with her unless she's no longer married to me."

"So that means when you're already separated, I can do whatever I want? I can court her and can also marry her?"

I balled my fists under the table. "It's up to you, it's your decision." I faced him this time. "And what a fucking topic is this Andrew? We're not yet married and you already want us to get separated?"

"Hey! That's not what I mean-----"

"We're talking about the prenuptial agreement that she sent to me and not the separation thing!"

"Oh, okay. 'so you don't want to discuss the separation thing, huh?'" his voice was barely audible so the only words I heard was his first two words.

"Call this Atty. Relagio and set me up a meeting with him as soon as possible. And don't forget to call my lawyer." back to our professional mood.

"Okay, Sir. How about Sophia, do I also need to call her?"

"No. I'll just call her later."

"Hmm.. okay, anything else?"

"Nothing so far, you can back. to your work."

I closed my eyes and leaned my back on the backrest of my swivel chair. I am now more intrigued with Sophia's reason. Honestly, that agreement never crossed my mind even I have this feeling that she's just about to use me because of money.

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