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   Chapter 6 Reunited

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It's been a week since I went to Kelley's house for a family dinner. I got a call from the wedding planner the next day and until now, we're still finalizing some details for the wedding. Mrs. Kelley and I didn't ask his arrogant son anymore for his opinion, she just gave me all the decisions.

I was inside my office and watching the latest video of my former students who joined the international competition, when I heard the knock from outside the door.


I glanced up and smiled when I see it's Craig.

"Craig." I noticed the two people behind him and I was about to ask if who they are when the woman called me by my old nickname.


I blinked my eyes repeatedly and gasped when I recognized her.

"Rian?" I stand up immediately and as she walked closer towards my desk.

"Oh my God! It's really you, Belle!"


We both squealed in excitement and run towards each other. She hugged me tightly.

"How are you, Rian? You looked more beautiful, girl." I said in awe. She's my friend from college, I was just two years ahead from her but still, we became close and treated each other more than a sister.

"I missed you, Belle, so much."

"I missed you too. How are you?" I asked her as I still can't believe that we saw each other again. She's one of my closest friend back in college and the only person whom I shared my story.

"Well, I'm married."

She said and lifted her hand to show me her wedding ring.

"Wow, congratulations...." I exclaimed and stopped to look at the man behind her.

"Oh no! Not him. He's just my bestfriend, Gavin."

"I see.. Hi, Gavin." Although I'm still confused, I offered my hand for a handshake. He accepted my hand and kissed me on my cheek.

"I'm just confused. How did you two meet each other? And Rian, why are you calling her 'Belle'? I thought her name is Sophia?"

I chuckled at his question.

"That came from my second name, Ysabelle. Sophia Ysabelle is my whole name and Belle was her nickname to me when we were in college." I said gesturing them to take a seat.

"And believe it or not, she's my mentor back in college, and she was the one who introduced me to my band." Rian answered his first question with a proud smile.

"Wow! But if you were Rian's mentor in singing, how did you become a dance instructor?"

They both give me a confused look.

"Well, I was actually doing a part-time job before, like what Rian's said. And after I graduated, I don't know but I just found myself more fan of dancing than singing. Maybe because when I was a kid, my mom enrolled me in a different dancing class, so I pursued more on dancing. I enrolled again in a dance school and later on, I bought my own studio."

"So, you're now totally in dancing and you're no longer playing any instruments?" Rian asked me.

"Uhm, sometimes when I'm in the mood, I'm still playing guitar and piano."

"Wow!" Gavin exclaimed in awe.

"Yes. By the way, Rian. Are you still in your band?" I asked her as I remembered her being the lead vocalist of her band before.

"Yup, but I'm not as active as before. Actually we did a performance three months ago."

"Wow.. that's great. Anyway, what made you visit my dance studio?"

"Ohh.. actually we're really looking for the best dance instructor in town. We joined a dance competition and we're going to perform by the second week of next month. And you were referred to us by my cousin Rolly. He said you can help us to perform well in our upcoming competition."

"Is it Rolly Sarmiento?"


"Oh, he's your cousin? He's a good friend of mine." I informed him, smiling.

"Well, actually it's not a big competition, it's just a part of the thanksgiving event of our company. And he said you're one of the best coach who can help us with this.

"Hmm.. okay. But you know what, he's my friend that's why he's talking such things." I chuckled and waved my hands in the air. I'm still not used in such kind of complement.

"Belle, I don't believe you. I know you're not going to exceed in this kind of work if you don't have a talent and passion. Although I haven't seen you yet in this field, but I believe you're the best." Rian patted my hand which rested on top of my desk.

"Ohh Rian.. you haven't changed." I said shaking my head. "So.. what type of dance are you going to perform?" I asked them as I leaned my back on the backrest of my chair.

They told me what they want to perform but I still give them some suggestions, and eventually they both agreed with the contemporary acrobatic dance. I told them that they would have to do some acrobatic stunts and I also suggested to put some aerial stunts to make their performance unique and alive.

I saw the happiness that shined on Rian's eyes while she's telling me some parts of her love story. Although I can't believe that she's already married, but seeing how happy she is right now, that also made me happy for her.

We exchanged numbers and social media accounts. But I didn't tell her about my situation, that I'm also getting married three weeks from now. I know I can't hide it forever from her, but I'm still not ready to share it with her. Maybe after the wedding.


"How are you feeling today?"

I turned around to see Craig leaning on the doorframe of my

room. It's our engagement party today and it will start at three o'clock. And it's already one o'clock in the afternoon but I'm still here in front of my vanity mirror.

"Tensed and Nervous."

He chuckled as he walked inside and sit down at the edge of my bed.

"And why are you feeling nervous, it's just a fake engagement?"

"Yes, the idea was fake, but this engagement is real. And I'm not nervous because of this event, I feel nervous for whatever the thing I can do for that Daniel Kelley if he try to insult me in front of everyone!"

"That's the spirit, girl! Don't make yourself get affected with your fiance. You know what, if I just don't have an appointment this afternoon, I'm going with you."

"Yeah, I also wish you can go with me." I pouted at him.

"By the way, is he going to pick you up or are you just going to go there alone?"

"No, Mrs. Kelley's driver will pick me up at two. And what did you say, if the famous and arrogant Daniel Kelley will pick me up? Nah! That is so impossible to happen, even you pray for all the Saints!"

"Well, I believe you with that. But guess what, I saw his picture from the California top men's magazine and gosh, Sophia! Your husband is so hot and sexy, and not to mention he's also handsome!"

I can't help not to roll my eyes. "Yeah, hot and sexy but rude and arrogant in real life!"

"Hmph." he put his arms over his chest. "Well, good luck girl because after your wedding, you're going to live with that rude but hot and sexy husband of yours." he winked at me.

"I don't care!" I shrugged. "As long as he will not invade my personal space!"

"What if you fall for him?"

"Excuse me?" my head snapped on his direction. "That would never happen! Over my beautiful body!" I said with narrowed eyes, but he just laughed at me.

"Okay, like what I always say, 'good luck'."


Daniel's POV:

Twenty minutes and the party will start, but my so-called fiancee hasn't arrived yet. I have been checking on my wristwatch and counting the minutes for her arrival, but I still can't see even a glimpse of her.

"Waiting for your beautiful fiancee?" Andrew give me a glass of red wine. "Relax, I'm sure she will come."

"Relax? I've been waiting for her for almost thirty minutes! And the party will start within twenty minutes, but she's still not here!" I said through gritted teeth.

"Ohh... did I hear it right? You've been waiting for her for almost thirty minutes?"

"Because I told you, the party will start within twenty minutes!" I avoided his gaze, but I didn't miss his smirk.

"Then why didn't you volunteer yourself to pick her up today? So, you're not worried about waiting for her."

"I'm not worried! And she's not my real fiancee for me to waste my time on picking her up!"

"Oh, you're not worried? Okay, I can see that." he chuckled but I glared my eyes on him. "What if she didn't come, what will you do?"

I give him a devious smirk before I answer his question.

"Then I will have to drag her in the middle of this party with fucking paparazzi and all sorts of media around us! I know she hates that, but if she tried to back out right on this moment, I will make her life a living hell!" I gripped the glass on my hand.

"But if you do such a thing, that means you're going to introduce her to the world. And the whole world will know you're already married."

"I don't care, because as soon as these European businessmen signed the contract with KI Corporation, I will immediately file a divorce!"

"Okay." he shrugged. "If that happens, can I have her?"

I crunched eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"I like her. And to tell you honestly, I really like her Daniel."

I gripped the glass on my right hand. I suddenly felt my blood raised up to my head.

"So, when that happens and you two were already divorced, maybe by then it won't be a problem to you if I court her."

I am about to answer him when I heard my Mom's voice behind us. I immediately calmed my nerves and turned to her.

"Daniel, your fiancee is on her way. Don't you want to go outside and walked with her inside the venue?" She's winked at me while grinning widely.

"Come on, Mom. Don't play cupid with us because that's not gonna happen." I complained as I walked towards her.

"But I'm not playing cupid, my son. I just want you to walk with her inside the venue, so some of your business colleagues will know that this is not just an arrange party."

I just shook my head. "Mom, you're not a good actress."

"It's okay, at least I am the best Mom to you and to your sister."

"Of course you are." I kissed her cheek before walking out of the living room to wait for my so-called fiancee's arrival.

But I was just about to step out from the front door, when my mother's car pulled over to the garage area. I know she told her driver to pick up Sophia from her apartment. I walked straight towards the garage, and my eyes landed on the woman in a fitted purple dress.

Her back is facing me and she's talking to someone on her phone. I waited for her to ended the call before I call her attention.

"You're late!"

Then she turned around that made my breath stacked inside my throat. And I suddenly remembered what Andrew said during our family dinner. 'Am I seeing an angel?'

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